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  • Was confussed as to why the producers of animal face off made the lion win when all the evidence states tigers always won and are superior to lions in every way.

    I know im not the only person confussed about the tiger vs lion animal face off episode. All the facts show the tiger to be superior to the lion in every way the tiger has faster paw swipes, a stronger bite by 200 pounds more stamina as was proven in a staged fight between two wild animals, a bengal tiger from north india and a barbary lion in 1899 called An extaordinary combat in which the king of the beasts was vanquished in a batle to the death. Il show a quote from the fight The. Lion had been badly mauled. There were two long rips across his back, and blood streamed from deep tooth prints on his shoulders. He was panting hoursely, and it was evident that his wind was not as good as his adversary's. The Tiger inspected him for a moment and then came circling on again. There was another bull-like rush by the Lion, and the Tiger met him fairly, plying his claws like a demon. When the next breathing spell came out, the Lion, evidently out of breath sank heavily to his kness, while the Tiger, his stripes obliterated by the fast flowing blood, seemed far the stronger of the two. Records from rome state the tiger always won and they often put 5 lions against 4 tigers im using the work of The Roman writer and satirist Martial who said the lion was nothing more than a pretentious humbug. The facts also show the tiger to be more aggressive and the better fighter im confussed as to why they made the lion win if they looked into the fights before they would have saw how 1 sided the fights are i would like to speak to Dave salmoni if somone has his email address feel free to send me it.