Dave Stann

Dave Stann

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David Stann


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David Stann, or, "Hollywood Dave" Stann as many know him, is originally from Cleveland, and has many things going for him. He is known as the undisputed bad boy of Blackjack mainly because he uses psychology to gain the advantage over other players. Dave is also a member…more


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  • Dave stann is the best

    Dave Stann Is soo hot and he is by far the best blackjack player EVER. i really hope he is going to win the King Of Vegas show. I beleive that the chances of him winnign the king of vegas is like totally a one in one situation. he a great poker player and he has a cool attitude i thing that when he talks smack that it intimidates the other players. I LOVE IT!moreless
  • Hollywood Dave...

    Never seen him act, but all I know is that he is hot as hell. Oh My Gosh he is so hot. That's all I really have to say about him. He's also so cute and I love his smile. Hah it is so shallow of me to do this... and this is such a bad review of him, but how else can I review him? Never seen him act, so I say: Dave Stann is one hot blackjack dealer and I hope he takes more acting roles, I'd definitely be a fan. But I probably only watch because he's hot... And he's funny. God...moreless