Dave Ward





Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Birth Name




Ward was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia with his family at age three. After doing most schooling in Toronto, he became a carpenter and moved out west. Eventually, he joined the hotel business, later becoming the owner of his own hotel. Dave got started in the entertainment business by becoming a stand-up comic, and performed in comedy clubs. His time came one night, when a popular act failed to show--and he was the only one to perform in front of a full audience. He was a hit. Three months later, he quit his business and went on a comedy tour for four years. In 1990, Ward was approached as an agent who encouraged him to audition for television shows and movies shot in Vancouver. This landed him in numerous films and shows. His amazing voice has also landed him in a myriad of cartoon character appearances. His most recent and popular starring roles have been on the animés Dragonball Z, Gundum Wing, and So Weird.