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  • he playes kakashi on naruto

    he has such an eglish dub voice too kakashi he made him sound old and seirous hes great for the role as kakashi on naruto i just dont understand why this guy has no reviews strangly? do people not like this guy or something so i give this guy a 10.0 out of 10.0
  • Naruto Anime

    Dave Wittenberg has an excellent voice playing the character Kakashi in anime sensation, Naruto Uzumaki. His characters voice is perfect. He portrays a mellow tone voice while being one of the great Ninja’s of the Hidden Leaf Village. I cannot believe how excellent this actor is for the part of Kakashi in the show Naruto. I hope he is always the same voice for Kakashi through out the Naruto series. I would be extremely upset and will write a complaint if he is ever replaced. I cannot wait to see what other anime cartoons Dave Wittenberg will do voice acting for.
  • Voice of Kakashi Hatake on Naruto.

    Mr. Wittenburg's voice is calm, caring, and melodic, which is the perfect voice for Kakashi Sensei. The voice is so important for this character since his face is 90% covered. There are no facial expressions or handsome face to draw the viewer in to this character. Kakashi is a former squad leader from the ANBU black-ops which carry out assissinations and tacticle missions. With the wrong voice Kakashi would come across as predominately intimidating and scary. He instead comes across as a caring mentor with a gentle but stern teaching style. Mr. Wittenburg's style very much stays true to the manga character of Kakashi.
  • I like his voice! He does for Kakashi and i heard him on Ninja Warrior as the entrant announcer :D

    He does a very good job portraying as Kakashi Hatake in the anime Naruto. He makes him sound very witty and funny, with the 'modern' cool and collective personality. Especially with his obsession with Make out Paradise XD. (Icha Icha Paradise) I also know him from watching Ninja Warrior on G4 TV he is the announcer for the entrants that go for the obstacle courses. I think he also does the same thing for Ultimate Banzuke as well. GO Kakashi sensei! My character Tanor Faux fought him and 3 other Jounin level ninja to gain the title of Jounin himself too.