David Anders

David Anders


3/11/1981, Grants Pass, Oregon

Birth Name

David Anders Holt


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David Anders began acting as a young boy in school plays and summer conservatories in Southern Oregon. He was immediately bitten by the acting bug but put his thespian aspirations on hold while pursuing his other dreams. Athletics kept David occupied until he was a senior in high…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Terrific.

    I don't know if it's the writing or the acting, it's probably both, but this man and this show are riveting. He is one of (several) reasons that I tune in each week. The way he speaks and walks and interacts with his cast mates is pitch perfect, and I think he has a very good future ahead of him, sort of like Patrick Dempsey in Greys Anatomy, the handsome yet slightly troubled leading man.

    I've purposely read nothing about this guys private life, where he comes from, nothing- I find that when I do that it limits my enjoyment of the roles that I like- but I sure hope he has a happy life, cause he's given my family much joy.moreless
  • 'Charming' 'Talented' 'Gorgeous' 'Should have been a bigger star' 'Underused' 'Handsome' --------> Personal favourite.

    David Anders (Holt)'s been a favourite of mine since I was seven, when alias's episode 'The Coup' first premiered. Since then I have been watching every show he's been in because he is a delight to watch. He is funny, in his own way, he's good-looking and he can act for many different characters. David has also got talent in presenting different accents. He needs a main role, whether it be the good guy or the bad guy. Yes, in Alias he was a 'co-star' as a bad guy and yes he had a sword in Heros but please give him something more!moreless