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    • David: I'm frequently the guy who makes the comment that makes everyone fall silent.

    • David: (on why he likes The Discovery Channel) To me, the mating habits of the dung beetle are more interesting than Friends.

    • David: When I leave the house and have to come back in because I've forgotten something, I sit down and count to 10. It's an Irish thing.

    • David: Doing soaps is a wonderful job. It's fun to get up and go to work a good portion of the week, whereas a stage actor goes to work every week usually looking for work.

    • David: I'm about as uncreative visually as one can get. I'd be lucky to be able to draw my way out of a paper bag.

    • David: (on leaving "Guiding Light") I feel incredibly honored being part of six-plus years of the history of the show. I have accomplished the unthinkable, which is being a bad guy not connected to any core family. Somehow, I lasted so long. I started off as a three-month recurring role to establish the character of Richard. Well, Richard went the way of God, and they didn't keep me for just three years, they kept me for six. That's a great thing.

    • David: In my teens, I didn't have a good complexion, and I was very shy around women. I'd see a girl that I'd like and would ask my friends, 'How do I talk to her?' I'd sit there and obsess about my inability to be anything but shy around girls. That lasted until at least halfway through college. Eventually, I think I had enough women approaching me, [so I thought], 'Okay, maybe I'm not a beast.' I let my sense of humor come out and relaxed a bit.

    • David: I have diarrhea of the mouth. I can go off on tangents.

    • David: I have no pressing need to be a star.

    • David: If you're going to stay in New York and be a working actor in a way that will allow you to raise a family well, there's really no other choice than working in daytime.