David Angell (I)





4/10/1946 , West Barrington, Rhode Island, USA



Birth Name

David Lawrence Angell




David Angell was born in West Barrington, Rhode Island in 1946. He had little desire to be in showbiz as a child, indeed he once planned on becoming a priest like his brother Kenneth. He thought of becoming a doctor for a while before he went to Providence College, where he gained a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature. David Angell was a multiple Emmy Award winner as the creator and executive producer, along with Peter Casey and David Lee, of the hit comedy series "Frasier". David was born in West Barrington, RI, and he received a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Providence College. He entered the army upon graduation where he worked for 2.5 years until 1972. David had a clerical assignment at the Pentagon in 1972. After returning to civilian life, David wrote manuals for insurance companies and also worked as a methods analyst. One day he watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show and wondered if he could write like the writers of the show. David wrote some scripts, his first first script was sold to the producers of the Annie Flynn series. Five years before he sold his second script to Archie Bunker's Place. David virtually worked in every temporary job known to mankind. Luckily for him two of the producers of Rhoda picked up his scripts and said he showed promise. David and his wife Lynn sold their house and moved to LA in 1977. He managed to get a job writing some scripts for Barney Miller, but was then unemployed for 5 years. He stuck at it though, believing he could really do it. He managed to find work in the early 1980's, writing scripts for Family Ties, The Bob Newhart Show and Condo before he joined Cheers in 1983 and became a staff writer on Cheers, where he met Peter Casey and David Lee in 1985. David won an Emmy for his script for the Cheers episode "Old Flames", where Sam Malone's friend says he can break Sam and Diane up in 24 hours. Angell joined forces with Peter Casey and David Lee as Cheers supervising producers and writers. Since then, the trio has received 37 Emmy Award nominations and won 24 Emmy Awards, including the above-mentioned for "Frasier", as well as an Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy for Cheers, in 1989, which Angell, Casey, Lee and the series' other producers shared, and Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series Emmy for Cheers, which Angell received in 1984. After working together as producers on the hit comedy series Cheers for NBC, Angell, Casey and Lee formed Grub Street Productions. In 1990, they created and executive produced the hit comedy series Wings, which received critical and ratings success during its seven season run. On September 11, 2001, Angell and his wife, Lynn, were killed when Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked American Airlines Flight #11 and deliberately crashed it into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York.