David Archuleta

David Archuleta


12/28/1990, Miami, Florida, USA

Birth Name

David James Archuleta



Also Known As

The Soul Man From Utah, David James Archuleta, Mini Motown Monster, Soul Midget King
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David James Archuleta is Honduran, Mexican and Irish. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was born on December 28, 1990 in Miami, Florida, USA. He is most known for being the runner-up in the 7th season of American Idol. Critics and fans alike call him…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He won three awards in 2009 Teens Choice Awards.

    • Archuleta's first appearances on music ranking charts were with the three songs he performed in the American Idol finale; "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me", "In This Moment", and "Imagine", debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart the week of June 7, 2008.

    • Archuleta received his ticket to the Hollywood final auditions at the San Diego tryouts – held at Qualcomm Stadium at the end of July 2007 – with a performance of John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change" with judge Randy Jackson spontaneously joining in to sing the background "waiting" in the song.

    • David is ranked #88 in AIM's "100 Celebs Under 25".

    • His favorite song on his debut album is "You Can."

    • David co-wrote two songs on self-titled album, "Don't Let Go" and "A Little Too Not Over You." The bonus tracks he wrote for the album are "Somebody Out There," "Falling" and "Works For Me."

    • David's self-titled album debuted #2 on the Billboard 200. It's highest rank on iTunes was also #2.

    • He has a youtube account.

    • David is the youngest runner-up on American Idol.

    • He describes himself as weird, spacey and happy.

    • His debut single, Crush, was released on iTunes on August 12, 2008. Within 24 hours of its release, it reached #1 on the top 100 songs list.

    • David is one of only two non winners on American Idol to never be in the bottom group. The other was Clay Aiken in Season 2.

    • He used to do cross country.

    • David can speak both English and Spanish.

    • Natasha Bedingfield was a fan of David's on American Idol.

    • David's record label is JIVE Records.

    • He was in a Guitar Hero commercial, which premiered during the American Idol Season 7 finale.

    • The governor of Utah declared May 9th, 2008 as "David Archuleta Day."

    • He is left-handed.

    • David likes to shop at Pac Sun, Black Chandalier and thrift stores.

    • David has been nicknamed "Archie" by the American Idol (Season 7) crew, a take-off on his last name and a reference to the comic book character, Archibald "Archie" Andrews.

    • He is currently the only student standing at "American Idol school", which is daily tutoring for contestants under 18. Alexandrea Lushington and Alaina Whitaker were his classmates, but they were already eliminated.

    • David first started watching American Idol in it's first season in 2002. He says that the people in that season were very inspirational, especially Tamyra Gray.

    • Being who he is and loving what he's doing is what gives him the edge in the competition of American Idol.

    • Some of his greatest memories are being with his family and having a great time.

    • He draws inspiration from his faith and his family.

    • The first concert he has ever attended was when he went to a medal ceremony of the Olympics and *NSYNC performed at it.

    • Likes:
      Being Outside, playing Guitar Hero and Broadway musicals.

    • David's single Imagine reached #1 on iTunes' chart, while Shop Around reached 8th (both songs he performed on American Idol).

    • He went to the premiere of Horton Hears a Who with the other "Idol" contestants in Los Angeles in March 2008. He met the stars of the movie there, such as Jim Carrey and Steve Carell.

    • If he had 24 hours to do whatever he wants, he would go to Disney World with his family or spend quality time with them.

    • The person he would really like to meet is Stevie Wonder.

    • One of his nicknames is "Lettuce Boy."

    • If given the chance, he would not change one single thing about himself.

    • David says his toughest obstacle in life was believing that he could really be successful in a singing career.

    • He likes all of the judges on American Idol because of their personalities and their different opinions.

    • David is great friends with Alexandrea Lushington, and when she got voted off of American Idol, it brought him to tears.

    • If he couldn't sing, he would like to be able to play the guitar and become a better songwriter.

    • His lucky charm is a rubber band that his friends gave him, so he doesn't forget that they always have his back.

    • He wants to sing at one of the Olympics when as gets older.

    • David's height is 5'6 1/2" (1.69m).

    • He once performed for surviving 9/11 firefighters. He sang "I Will Always Love You."

    • He got a 4.0 grade point average during his sophomore year in high school.

    • He says his friends would be surprised that he owns Kirk Franklin albums.

    • David is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    • David once competed against Alexandrea Lushington, another contestant in season 7 of American Idol on the show Star Search.

    • To battle nerves, David says a prayer before a performance and tries to shake it off.

    • The thing he loves most about Utah is the people there.

    • David is a Mormon.

    • When David started on Star Search, he already started showing symptoms of bronchitis, which would later lead to his vocal paralysis when he reached the age of 13 and 14. One of his vocal chords was paralyzed and underdeveloped. The doctors said he can have surgery, but it was very risky. He didn't want to take the risk because he wanted to sing. He was actually supposed to record a CD after Star Search because of his big success there, but wasn't able to due to his vocal paralysis.

    • David once performed on the Jenny Jones show. He sang "And I Am Telling You" by Jennifer Holliday.

    • On the finals of the 2nd Season of Star Search, David scored a perfect 20 points from all three judges.

    • David attended Murray High School in Murray, Utah and attended there for both his sophmore and junior year. He sang in his school choir.

    • He has taken formal singing training since he was 12 years old, but only every now and then from his vocal coach, Dean Kaelin.

    • His musical influences are Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin and Bryan Adams.

    • He auditioned for American Idol in San Diego, California.

    • List of Songs Sung on Star Search:
      Preliminary Round - Who's Lovin' You by The Temptations
      Semifinals - Fallin' by Alicia Keys
      Finals - You're All I Need to Get By by Marvin Gaye
      Battle of the Champions - I Surrender by Celine Dion

    • At the age of 10, he participated in the Utah Talent Competition, his first ever competition wherein he sang I Will Always Love You, his first ever song sung on stage, receiving a standing ovation.

    • At the age of six, he memorized a number of songs from the Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Concert with the corresponding English and Cockney accents.

    • Although he was born in Miami, Florida, David and his family moved around in Florida for most of his early life, but finally moved to Salt Lake City, Utah on February 1997 where he currently resides, specifically in a city named Murray.

    • Favorites:
      Subjects in School:English, Spanish and Choir
      Computer Games: Neopets, Zoo Tycoon and Roller Coaster Tycoon
      Gamecube Games: Mario Party 4, Gauntlet, and Super Smash Bros.
      TV Show: American Idol
      Movies: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, The Dark Knight, Rat Race and Finding Nemo
      Actors: Robin Williams and Jim Carrey
      Animated Characters: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Donald Duck
      Band: Destiny's Child
      Songs: And I'm Telling You, Who's Loving You and Complicated by Avril Lavigne
      Album: His Kirk Franklin ones
      Sports Team: Utah Jazz
      Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios
      Fruits: Orange, banana and apple
      Candy Bar: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
      Beverages: Water
      Sport: Street hockey and Basketball
      Color: Purple, Citrus Green and Yellow
      Quote: "You'll never be lonely if you learn to befriend yourself."
      Male singers: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bryan Adams, John Mayer and Kirk Franklin.
      Female Singers: Natasha Bedingfield, Sara Bareilles, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Jordin Sparks.
      American Idol Contestant: Elliott Yamin and Tamyra Gray
      Performer: Michael Jackson
      Food: Thai Food, Pizza and Lettuce
      American Idol Moment: Tamyra Gray's performance of And I Am Telling You, I'm Not Going. He says it was amazing.
      Books: Harry Potter series, Animal books, and Fact Books
      Vacation: Florida
      Holiday: Christmas
      Theme Park: Disney World
      Exercise: Running

    • David's American Idol audition number is 11394.

    • David sang for contestants in Season 1 of American Idol. He sang And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going by Jennifer Holliday. One of those contestants just happened to be Kelly Clarkson.

    • List of Songs Sung on American Idol
      Audition - Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer
      Hollywood Week - Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
      Top 50 - Heaven by Bryan Adams
      Top 24 - Shop Around by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
      Top 20 - Imagine by John Lennon
      Top 16 - Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins
      Top 12 - We Can Work It Out by The Beatles
      Top 11 - The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles
      Top 10 - You're the Voice by David Foster and Jeff Pescetto
      Top 9 - Smoky Mountain Memories by Dolly Parton
      Top 8 - Angels by Robbie Williams
      Top 7 - When You Believe by Maruah Carey
      Top 6 - Think of Me by Andrew Lloyd Webber
      Top 5 - Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
      Top 5 - America by Neil Diamond
      Top 4 - Stand By Me by Ben E. King
      Top 4 - Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley
      Top 3 - And So It Goes by Billy Joel (Paula's Choice)
      Top 3 - With You by Chris Brown (David's Choice)
      Top 3 - Longer by Dan Fogelberg (Producer's Choice)
      Finale - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John
      Finale - In This Moment by Ryan Gilmore
      Finale - Imagine by John Lennon

    • David can play the piano and write songs.

    • David has a fan group called "The Arch Angels" and another one called "The Archies."

    • He has one brother and three sisters, who are Claudia, Daniel, Jazzy and Amber. His dad, Jeff is a jazz trumpet player and his mom, Lupe sings pop music in both English and Spanish and is from Honduras.

    • David used to have two cats. Their names were Cloudy and Midnight. He also has a poodle named Teddy and a goldfish named Conditioner.

  • Quotes

    • David: Music is such a powerful thing because it allows you to communicate with other people. To do that with so many people makes you feel really good.

    • (on an interview with Larry King)
      David: Syesha [Mercado] really is an amazing vocalist, and performer, and you know, so talented and it's so weird when she does one of the most unbelievable performances I've ever heard in my life and the judges are like, uh I don't know, and I'm like, Ok what is wrong with you, what's the problem, did you not just hear that? (laughs)

    • David: It's always fun to have Carly [Smithson] and David Cook, and Michael Johns was a lot of fun to have around, it's sad he gone, and Ramiele [Malubay]. But, you know, it's just fun to have those big jokers. Carly and Cook are just really funny people. And then you have like Syesha who is really weird and crazy and, it's fun, they just make me laugh so hard I cry all the time.

    • David: (about Idol school when Alaina and Alexandrea were voted off) It was really hard because we spent hours a day in a room to ourselves, getting really close. We all sit at one table. We bond.

    • David: (his advice for future contestants) Remember to be yourself and remember throughout everything why you first wanted to do this.

    • David: I [used to] go in my room and practice the songs I heard [American Idol]. I'd sing to myself in the mirror. I learned so much from watching, it's nuts. To actually be on the show is "way trippy."

    • David: (when asked what he would change about himself) I wouldn't change anything. Even the minor things or problems are what influence who I am.

    • David: It's fun to see the support that you get from your school and all your family, and friends, and stuff. It's really neat to see, you know, if they didn't know, so you can't tell them, so they're all like freaking out when they even found out I auditioned, cause I didn't even tell them, and they're all just like, "Why didn't you tell us?!", you know they're all mad at me. That's okay, cause I think they won't mind since they ecpecially saw me on the show, when they were always like, "You should be on that show!".

    • David Archuleta: (about preparing for a performance) Before singing, I usually just kinda warm up, you know, just do a couple a verbal exercises, and say a prayer too. That's really helpful.

    • David: I'm half-Honduran, and got to go to Honduras a few years ago with my family and see my mom's side of the family. I also sang at Carnaval there, a parade like Mardi Gras. It's also where my most embarrassing moment was.

    • David: (about American Idol) I've definitely feel like there are things that can happen this year. And the show just opened so many doors for me and even if it's not winning American Idol, you know that's what I'm hoping for, but even more just hoping that I will be able to make a career.

    • David: (about American Idol) The greatest thing that could come out of this is to launch my singing career. You know, being able to sing and become successful has always been my dream.

    • David: I've had friends from California and stuff, and when they come to Utah, there like, "It's so freaky there, everyone's so nice and they'll say hi to you, even though they don't know who you are," and it's like "Yeah, people there are friendly." It's really cool.

    • David: The best thing you can do to set yourself apart is just be yourself. If you're fake, you know people find out who you are later, it's like "Well that's not who we thought you were." Being yourself is where you feel most comfortable and people get, you know, they feel that connection the best. That's the best way to go. You always have to be yourself.

    • David: (about song choices) It's always fun to take risks too with song choices and stuff, I usually try to pick a song that suits me. I'll think it through my head, its like, "Ok, well, does this song fit me?" Or you know, sometimes I'll want to take a risk with the song, you know it's a little different but I wanna show what I can do with it and you know, if I really like the song and it doesn't match me, I'll still maybe wanna try to make it my own and give it a shot.

    • David: (about singing songs) If you don't connect with a song, then I don't see the point in singing it, but, you know, it at least has to be a fun song to sing and if it's fun to get into it too and it's a lot of fun to sing.

    • David: You know, I like to smile a lot, like to hang out with my friends and you know, just like to do the normal things teenagers do, you know. I am normal, believe it or not, well I guess I have to second guess that. I guess I am pretty weird, but I am a teenager. I like to do the normal, every day things

    • David: (about whether it's intimdating being on American Idol) I haven't really thought about the other singers, you know, I've been more like "Ok, what am I going to be doing" you know. 'Cuz you have to think about how you're going to present yourself and want people, wanna show your stuff and who you are. And if you really worry about the other people, its like, well, you know, takes away who you are, you know showing your stuff and being yourself.

    • David (about American Idol): This is such a big opportunity for us, you know. American Idol has made tons of dreams come true and to be able to have this opportunity finally is just awesome, you know. We're all just hoping that something will come out of this for our music and performing careers and to have this chance now, its really cool.

    • David: You know, I've always doubted myself about my talent. I always thought everyone was kinda tone-deaf, and they're just trying to be nice to me 'coz I'm little.

    • David: I was to sing at this charity event dinner thing and I lost my voice that night and in the middle of the song I just, I was struggling so bad and I just completely lost it and my mom came up and ran up and just grabbed the mike from me and finished the song for me and I was just like, "I want to die." I was so glad my mom was there, if she wasn't there I would have probably just ran away 'cuz that was just, I just felt horrible about that.

    • David: The grossest thing I've ever eaten was this one fish soup my grandma made and I thought it was just disgusting. I couldn't keep it down first of all and it was just nasty and I don't remember anything good about it. It might have been healthy, but it's not worth that.

    • David: The only job I ever had was over the summer when I was at Techiat Park Amphitheatre. That was a lot of fun just 'cuz you got to control the sounds. I got to work with some of my good friends, which was a lot of fun.

    • David: My family has helped me with personally my dream by just always being there all the time, supporting me like all the way and just being good sports about it and I really appreciate that.

    • David: Something that surprises a lot of people is usually the music I listen to just because it's so diverse and it would be like Hispanic music from my mom, you know I grew up listening to Hispanic music on my mom's side and then my dad listened to Jazz music and so I grew up with that and I just love Gospel music and you know, mostly I listen to Pop, and like Pop-Rock, but soulful music 'cuz it's just one of my favorites as well.

    • David: I'm not really sure which American Idol contestant I would be compared to. I really liked how Elliott Yamin had a more soulful vibe to him and I can remember you know, like he'd sing… He sang I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw and he just gave a lot of soul into that, I just thought that was really cool. And that's the kind of stuff I'd like to do you know. You know the pop music with a little soul into it, kinda' like John Mayer, you know he's awesome.

    • David: One of my favorite performers is Michael Jackson just because you know, he's like the king of performing, he's amazing to watch and he has amazing songs, he's awesome.

    • David: I wanna be the next American Idol because I just been loving music for so long. It's been-music's pretty much my life and just the power that's in music, it can do so much like it can change… It can change how I feel and just how everyone I'm singing to feels and how everyone just appreciates the music and stuff and uhmmm… being able to do that as a career is just a dream of mine and American Idol is the best opportunity for that to happen.

    • David: If I don't become the next American Idol, I'm going to keep on singing 'cuz you know, that's why I'm here, I love to do it and I still wanna finish school 'cuz you know, that's pretty dang important, especially if this music stuff doesn't work out.

    • David: When I found out that I made it to the top 24 it was just one of the best feelings I had ever had. It was like I was hired or something. It was just awesome because I just always wanted to be able to make it this far in the competition and now that I finally am able to, it's just an awesome feeling.

    • David (when asked what other talents he has): I've taken a little piano and have written a few songs.

    • David (when asked when he started to sing): Around the age of 7, and really started performing in front of people at 10.

  • This guy should had been the winner of American Idol last year.

    This dude is one of the best celebities ever and he's really better than The Jonas Brothers and David Cook.I mean,he's real better than David Cook beacuse David is a rocker and this guy sings pop.Well,he's better on Nickelodeon because he was on ICarly and Paula Abdul and him were the people that excepted the award for favorite reality show.This dude is a really good celebity and I like him better than David Cook.He should have won to be the next American Idol last year of 2008 and David Cook should have not won it.This dude is better than him.moreless
  • Amazing Singer, Actor, Person; Humble, Sweet, Lovable, Hilarious, Adorable, Absouletely Amazing.

    Ok, I love this boy along with most of the teenage girl population of America. He is the absolute most talented singer thats under the age of 20 right now. He has an amazing and pure voice. He also is a extemely humble and sweet person. Immence compassion and it seems like he really dosen't think that he desirves it even with millions screaming his name constantly. With a passion for what he does and a mission to help, heal and relate with people through music, David Archuleta, even though he was the runner up, will be a major asset to American Music. Today and for years to come. I really hope he turns out to be as great a person he appears to be. I'm pretty sure he is.moreless