David Bellisario

David Bellisario

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David is the son of Donald P. Bellasario and his first wife, Margaret Schaffran. He has a sister, Julie, younger half-brothers Michael and Nicholas, and a younger half-sister named Troian.


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  • Writers suffer from ADHA

    The viewers are taken into a major criminal investigation, sometimes very high intensity. Then, we are taken into the fluff: Deeks the "BITCH IN HEAT" follows his partner like a bitch. There is so much fluff in this series anymore, I can't watch it anymore. INvestigation then the Box, Investigation then the tax form, etc, etc.

    The investigators are fairly well clean-cut. Then we have Deeks, who looks like a druggie, acts like a middle schooler and is certain to break the mood of an intense investigation.

    Cnange Deeks character presentation and hire new writers who can concentrate on a plot!moreless
  • David, this ncis really rocks, Keep it up, Don't stop.

    David, This ncis show really rocks!!!! Keep it going. I watch it all the time everyday. It is my hope this show doesn't ever get cancelled. Let the new shows start. Keep on filming. Bring on the new ones. Love to old ones as well. You have made a great balance of the characters. Abby is the coolest and the best. Tony is great. Gibbs is the show, without him. it will never be ncis. It is my hope you will start a website just for ncis and maybe even sell Items, such as coffee cups, shirts, hats and many other things. Thanks!!!!!moreless