David Blaine

David Blaine


4/4/1973, New York,USA

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David Blaine White


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David Blaine, a young and talented magician, is rapidly changing the face of magic. Known as the "magician of the millennium" Blaine broke through cult status by levitating on the streets of New York in his first ABC special "David Blaine: Street Magic". Born in Brooklyn, New York…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He practiced his first card trick at the age four.

    • In 1997 he filmed first television special "David Blaine: Street Magic" for ABC .

    • In 1998 he directed and starred in his second ABC special "David Blaine: Magic Man".

    • In 1999 he buried himself alive without food and water for seven days .

    • In 2000 he released "Mystifier" on video/DVD which was compilation of his previous television specials to the United Kingdom .

    • In 2000 he starred in his third television special "David Blaine: Frozen In Time".

    • In 2001 he released "Showman" his second video/DVD to the United Kingdom

    • In 2002 he starred in his fourth television special "David Blaine: Vertigo".

    • In 2003 he went 44 days without food and was suspended in a plexiglass box next to the Thames.

    • David Blaine lasted 7:08 under water in his stunt Drowned Alive. Doctors said that for being in the tank for a week which he was the whole week up to the minute that he started this stunt without air to breathe they said his nerves were affected in his hands from getting so wet that he might not of been able to use them again but they are okay and nothing is wrong with them.

    • David Blaine has a goatee.

    • David Blaine has his own show called David Blaine: Magic Man which is on TLC.

    • He can do a trick where he has somebody draw something on a peice of paper without him looking then have them fold it up and give it to someone else who stands back and holds it. David then looks at that person in the eye for a few moments and starts drawing what he says he thinks that person drew by reading their eyes. He finishes it by drawing the same thing that person drew.

    • David Blaine stated that Didi was the name of the first magician ever to be recorded or still known. Her trick was to pull the head off a chicken and then put it back on. After explaining that he then did it.

    • David traveled to an Indian tribe in a rain forest in Haiti to show them his magic the last people from the outside world wwere said to be chased away by poisen-topped spears. He showed them there magic and they thought it was neat and did not chase him away.

    • He can do a trick where he throws all the cards over someone with an empty beer bottle behind them and when all the cards are thrown they look at the bottle the card is curled in the bottle.

    • He did a trick where he had someone cut the deck then gave the person one of the parts of the deck and had him pick five cards then in his head he would think of one of those five cards. After he thinks of one cad he then places his hand on David's chest. David tells him he can feel the card. David then raises his shirt and the card the person was thinking was on hi schest as if it was stamped on.

    • He did a magic trick where he turned a poor man's cup of coffee into a cup of money(coins) that he let the man keep.

    • His brother graduated on May 8, 2006, the same day as his stunt Drowned Alive was performed by David.

    • David Blaine went to a prison and did some tricks for the people in jail then they asked if he could bend a steel bar he said lets go see. He bent the steel bars that made up the door to the prison cell and made it into an oval shape. The prison mates were surprised he could bend it.

    • David Blaine can do a trick where he ties his shoe by flicking it and twistings it with his foot instead of tying it with his hands.

    • David Blaine did a card trick where he would have someone pick a card and right when the put it back in there phone rings and the callers number is that card's number and suit.

    • David Blaine's latest stunt Drowned Alive was a dangerous one. He had to hold his breath for a world record 8 minutes and 58 seconds under water. He ended up falling short with his total of 7 minutes and 8 seconds.

    • David Blaine met the man who cut his own arm of with a pocket knife to save himself from freezing when a boulder was on his arm. They talked about how strong he was to make that decision and if it hurt or not.

    • Blaine's idea of another stunt which he did made him stand on a pillar above Bryant Park in New York which the pillar was 22 inches wide. He stayed on that with nothing to lean on for 35 hours straight ending the stunt by jumping of onto a pile of cardboard boxes where he got a mild concussion after hitting his head on one of the boxes.

    • His stunt called Frozen in Time was a tunt where he was locked in a closet of ice which he stayed in for 61 hours 40 minutes and 15 seconds.

    • One of David Blaine's stunts was called Premature Burial where he was buried in a glass coffin for seven days in an open pit in front of a building where people would come and watch him just stay in that coffin.

    • His first few appearances on TV was called David Blaine: Street Magic where he would levitate himself on the streets of New York and other magic tricks life on television.

    • His mother who was a gypsy got him interested in magic.

    • He was banded from casinos all over the country becuase he can win at any casino game becuase he knows all the tricks.

    • David Blaine is sometimes called the "magician of the millenium".

    • David Blaine joined the long list of celebrities lampooned by South Park. It happened in South Park episode 68 entitled "The Super Best Friends."

  • Quotes

    • David: Every muscle doesn't just ache, it feels like a sharp, shooting pain, like a knife being stabbed.

    • David: I think the time has started to really take its toll on my body. It has started to become horrific in many, many ways....

    • David: If I don't get out of the chains and I black out in 9 minutes, which is about the length of time it would take these guys here (who) have been preparing a stretcher to pull my body out and do what they have to do, so I have to have faith that they know what they are doing....

    • David: Everything is still on as planned, and I'm going to give it my best shot....

    • David: This is my chance to give back to The Salvation Army and to benefit other families...

    • David: The day of the stunt, I had a bad feeling about it all....

    • David: I'm always trying to come up with something, and I try to create something that I think would be visually different,

    • David: This is more difficult than anything I've ever done.

    • David: I am humbled so much by the support of everyone from New York City and from all over the world....

    • David: Can I show you something that transcends the mind?

    • David: The hands have been pretty bad, but everything else is good.

    • David: My only fear is the unknown.

    • David: (On one of his stunts) If not, I will drown and you all will see something pretty insane.

    • David: As a kid, I always was obsessed with Houdini.

    • David: I think the gays should just stay away and leave me alone. This is redneck country. They're taking chances.

    • David: This gay parade came and they threw sausages.

    • David: (On one of his stunts) For a lot of people it's boring. It's a guy sitting in a box.

    • David: (On one of his stunts) I'm not worried about the first three weeks, I'm worried about the second half of this when I start to lose my mind and everything gets really bad...

    • David: Basically, it's something that's been done in the circuses, based on the old high-wire acts, ... It's like family entertainment, this one.

    • David: We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe. We are stronger and more resourceful than we know, and we can endure much more than we think we can.

    • David: In truth, the only restrictions on our capacity to astonish ourselves and each other are imposed by our own minds.

    • David: I think pain is easiest to avoid by filling the days with distractions - I wish to remove everything to search for a truth.

    • David: I have not had time to reflect on my own truths in many years.

    • David: I believe that fear of life brings a greater fear of death.

    • David: (on his box suspension in London) I've only just read I was three-to-one when it started. Now I know why all the security guards kept looking at me - they all had bets on me!

  • Whoah!!! This guy is Amazing!!!

    David Blaine is incredible. He can make things levitate can do the weirdest card tricks he can do very tough stunts that could kill him. He did one stunt where he sat in an ice closet for over 30 hours. He then did another stunt where he stood n a 22 by 22 in pole that was very high up for a little over 20 hours and then finished it by jumping off with only cardboard boxes to protect him he did get a minor concussion though becuase one box hit his head. He also did one other crazy stunt where he was buried in a glass koffin and placed in the ground where people could look at him as they walk by he survived that also. He also recently just tried to break a world record of under water on one breath which he fell short of by almost 2 minutes but he survived the stunt. He is a very neat magiciian to watch do tricks, stunts, etc.moreless