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  • Whoah!!! This guy is Amazing!!!

    David Blaine is incredible. He can make things levitate can do the weirdest card tricks he can do very tough stunts that could kill him. He did one stunt where he sat in an ice closet for over 30 hours. He then did another stunt where he stood n a 22 by 22 in pole that was very high up for a little over 20 hours and then finished it by jumping off with only cardboard boxes to protect him he did get a minor concussion though becuase one box hit his head. He also did one other crazy stunt where he was buried in a glass koffin and placed in the ground where people could look at him as they walk by he survived that also. He also recently just tried to break a world record of under water on one breath which he fell short of by almost 2 minutes but he survived the stunt. He is a very neat magiciian to watch do tricks, stunts, etc.