David Bowe





Los Angeles

Birth Name

David "Edgar Allen" Bowe




David Bowe is the most undervalued actor in Hollywood.

When asked to comment, David took a deep breath and said "I..just...OWEN, YOU CAN'T FLY, YOU CAN BARELY WALK, PLEASE STOP JUMPING OFF THE COUNTER! Sorry, what was the question?"

Bowe is best known for his supporting role in UHF, "Weird Al" Yankovic's foray onto the big screen. As Bob, George Newman's (Yankovic) business partner, he brings sensible, driven influence to Newman's star-crossed dreams.

In stark contrast to Bob, who's amiable and loyal disposition made him the sentimental certerpiece of UHF, Bowe has displayed his versatility in a wide range of roles. The best example being his cameo as "Robert Werther" in a 1999 X-Files episode entitled "Trevor".

Bowe commented, "The X-Files? Umm, I think I was an alien. Not sure. Hey, have you seen my keys?"

An actor has his 15 minutes, but an artist is timeless. David Bowe's career has proven that he is the latter. UHF, although one of the great cult films of all time, resulted in Bowe being incorrectly labeled as a slapstick comedian. Well, that was quickly put to rest when he excelled alongside Eric Roberts in Shadowmen.

"Bowe kills in Shadowmen," says David E. Jarrick Esq., close family friend of the Bowe's "he makes Roberts look like a douchebag."

His career continues to surge, as he stars in an upcoming film alongside screen great Will Ferrell (due for release in early 2005). Let's hope Ferrell brings more to the table than Eric Roberts did, because Will, you're working with an artist now.

David Bowe lives in Los Angeles with his wife Olivia, two sons Dane and Owen, dog Buddy, seven cats in the bathtub, and about 2 million baseball cards.