David Burke (I)

David Burke (I)


5/25/1934, Liverpoool, Lancashire, England

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    • David Burke: He (Jeremy Brett) was a delightful man. He was a great perfectionist. I mean, he carried his book of Sherlock Holmes stories around with him, almost like a Bible. Not merely did he keep a very close eye on the dialogue remaining faithful, but also when we were actually filming, he would concern himself, in the nicest possible way, with making sure everybody was dressed properly and that action mirrored what it said in the book.

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  • When I first started watching Sherlock Holmes on PBS Mysteries, Mr. David Burke was portraying Dr. Watson. He seemed to be an intelligent gentleman and quite low key. Although Jeremy Brett's (Sherlock) character was of course the main reason I watched.moreless

    Several days ago, I had an opportunity to watch an episode of Sherlock Holmes. It was aired on the Biography Channel

    Monday, November 25, 2006. I took notice because Mr. David Burke was portraying Dr. Watson!! I hadn't seen him in sometime and wondered what happened to him. If I'm not mistaken, he was the doctor character for at least 2 seasons??? This episode involved a king who had come to Sherlock Holmes for help. He first appeared at Holmes residence in a mask (Zorro/Lone Ranger style) It was quite humorous; especially when Sherlock told him that he knew his identity.

    I definitely appreciated this episode because Sherlock Holmes was disguised in 2 different characters. One disguise did not fool the lady who later recognized him and was in a disguise herself!!!

    Although Jeremy Brett is no longer here, I still attempt to watch every re-run of these priceless episodes.moreless