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  • I respect his work but they need a enemy for Adam Chandler

    david i hope you agree they need a soda drinking cain raising no nonsense enemy for Adam Chandler I respect your talent but my god Adam stole a baby, the writers should put a wrestler in the show to help krystal get even, just something i thought of stone cold stood up for the fans, but i suggesting a character that walks on his knees the name big bad brian johnson which is slated on my real name i hope you consider it cuz i dreamed of getting back at Adam for years (please forgive me for doing this God)
  • Meeting David Canary was a thrill of a lifetime! But to meet him three times! How could I be so lucky?

    Back in 1970 I picked up a very handsome David Canary at the airport and took him to the Canal Fulton Summer Theatere in Ohio. 20 years later I went to my high school reunion and who was on my plane? David Canary! I spoke to him and reminded him we had met 20 years earlier, when we were leaving the airport he hollered to me "20 years from now.....be here" I am counting the days, 2010 can not come soon enough! He is so handsome and such a gentleman. I will look for him on every flight from Dallas to Ohio!
  • Holy smokes....

    Dear God! Adam's back.

    I've read that David Canary's to join the online All My Children show, thank you thank you . 03/2013

    So very handsome and dashing.......
  • A great actor.

    To play two people on one show is great. Can't be done by many.