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    • Carson has two children. His son, Matthew, was born in 1983 and his daughter, Mimi, was born in 1988.

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    • David Carson: One of the director's jobs is to create the atmosphere on the set for the actors to do their best work. In most stories, the performance is paramount. Everybody talks about the special effects and stuff like that in Star Trek. Star Trek is a relationship-oriented piece of entertainment. Those are the most important things.

    • David Carson:Star Trek movies have a scale that is more on the epic side than on the naturalistic side. They have an almost operatic quality about them from time to time. That's why we chose to film it in anamorphic, which is the wide screen, to give the audience all that immense scale. I think that when you make a Star Trek movie, you have to go for that sort of scale so you can entertain the audience to the best of your ability.

    • David Carson: The show is certainly my favourite: I have very fond memories of shooting that. Quite how we managed to pull it all together in such a short space of time, I'll never know! (On production of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Yesterday's Enterprise)

    • David Carson: I have no idea, myself, or what the future holds for us all, but I would be very happy if it was something like one portrayed in Star Trek.

    • David Carson: In making a Star Trek film or television show, you have to play by the rules as formulated by such concepts as warp speed, body matter transfer, beaming and the like: there simply are certain things you cannot do.