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  • A huge fan looking for some angels to help

    PLEASE READ if everyone could give a 1.00 up to 5.00 it will add up and it would be a huge blessing 8tjs
  • I miss CSI MIAMI

    Maybe Universal can bye the CSI MIAMI Series, but feel strongly that CBS AXED a lot of good shows and many of them are missed like CSI MIAMI. Maybe also they could try the same type of show with David Caruso and Gary Sinise in it. Just a thought!

  • Loved Horatio Caine!!

    CSI: Miami was a great show and is sadly missed this season. Still can't believe they axed it and yet left so much other rubbish on in its place. Horatio Caine was a terrific character - although I admit he did get a bit too cartoonish by the end. In the early seasons though you couldn't fault Caruso's characterisation of him - tough but kind and a gentleman on all levels. I loved his paternal manner with his team and how he empathised with the victims of crime. David Caruso was able to pull off all the character traits so well and he was pretty hot in his younger years - of course, I do love red heads!!
  • Very bad actor.

    Glad he left NYPD Blue.
  • david./ csi miami

    every time i go to miami i hoped i would just run in to him I think he is a grate person and a grate actor. he is the one to make me want to go to school to be an actor. when i found out that csi miami was taken out. i cryed . that was my favorit show and will always will be. and David thank you for all you do. I think that CBS should bring back csi miami. just to let you know that i have been watching the show for ten years. i would get in truble at night because i had school the next day. but i told my mom that it was so cool. but those times are over i hope and pray that the show comes back. and David I am one of your fans have been sence the show came out. love heather
  • Producers! What were you thinking!

    Producers! What were you thinking!

    The producers of the show CSI: Miami came up with the most boring character they could think of. David Caruso was given the roll of this character for two reasons. One it didn't require any acting on his part, for you see he is as dull as his character is in real life. And the second reason is the he came cheap. Come on its not like any director or producer was knocking down his door and asking him to star in a movie that they were making after the mega flops of the two he made after he left NYBD Blue.

    Hiss's acting and character he plays is the reason why I just can't which this show.
  • Gives the show appeal. He's honest and sincere. He will go the last mile for his team, you must respect him for that.

    I first became aware of David Caruso in Jade, I fell in love with his character and have watched him ever since.
    He was great in NYPD Blue, but he's awsome as Lt. Horatio Caine, his passion, and warmth shows in his character, especially with the children. I can't wait for him and his son to bond in the upcoming episodes, this will make for a great season. Now he needs a mate, too bad they had to take Erick's sister out of the show, I wanted to see him as a husband and father. Keep up the good work David, a true fan.

    ecnitrah 8
  • hi my name is megan and just whanted to say i love this show csi miami its just the greatested show in the world

    i just whanted to know how long this show is going to last on tv im just whanted to know because i have the 6 season of csi miami and i love it and i whant to get the others to but i have to save up to get them well i have nothing else to say because im not a big talker.well what else is going to happen in the show .i just love all you guys in this show . well im going now i dont no about you but i have nothing else to say is good luck.
  • Move over Nicky Cage. Caruso in DA HOUSE!!!

    I just have to say David Caruso has been my favorite TV star ever since the hit-show CSI Miami started. I used to think Nicholas Cage was the best actor of all-time, but then I saw the original tallent given by Caruso, and after a bit of that you just gotta say, "what other shows does he have?" I really wish he would continue his acting after his 9th season of CSI Miami, but not many know that he is 52 as of now. But that didn't stop Chan or Norris now did it? Now this is all from a 13-year boy's standpoint, so if you have anything against me, think about what I trully had to say there.
  • Your Biggest Fan

    Dear David I am Yvonne Holman I just want you to know I really admire your work I am so in love with everything you do on CSI I try not to miss a show You are better than Kojack I know you remember KoJack the lollipop man I will continue to be your biggest Fan Love, Yvonne
  • David Caruso is the GOD of CSI's!!!

    I absolutely LOVE David Caruso!! CSI Miami is my favorite show since Quincy ME. I don't care what anyone says, David Caruso is smooth, awesome and sexy. I wish he was in every show on TV cause I could watch him all day and all night. To me, he is really the best thing since sliced bread. I don't care what any one says about his acting or his alleged tantrums. So what? Aren't most stars spoiled to some point? If it's helping the ratings, what does it matter, really? I would love to spend one day with him getting to know him. I'll bet he is AWESOME!
  • He's Horatio

    I remember someone saying how bad the show was as they had this really stilted actor in the main role. Obviously she hadn't seen David Caruso in other roles cos he sure talks different on NYPD Blue and has obviously made an acting choice to make Horatio such a memorable character. However I must be honest, at the moment CSI NY is my favourite of the three but Horatio is the best character across all three CSI shows.

    It is because Horatio is kick ass, has those shades and those lines that I've given the perfect ten. I think the Irish episodes might be a bit behind the US but we just saw the episode where he went to Rio(after extradition) and it was great.
  • To: David Caruso Horatio Caine and John Kelly Love you

    Im you'r biggest fan I love you and i watch you on every thing csi nypd blues all of it. you'r the best and you r the most handsome man in the world you should have been on more stuff. i can't tell you how much i love you. please dont go off of csi i would die if i did'nt get to see you on it every monday. i even watch reruns on usa every day i just cant get enough of you lol your my fav on csi it goes 1 you 2 emily 3 adam and 4 rory lol lol i know im wierd. HaHaHa

    Love from Brittany
  • i adoreeeeeeeeeeeeee you david you are the besttttttttttt dear please dont stop doing csi miami where is sofia?? when will she be back i love you a lot davidddddddddddddd

    i adoreeeeeeeeeeeeee you david carusooooooo
    you are the besttttttttttt dear
    please dont stop doing csi miami
    where is sofia?? when will she be back
    the two of you had chemistry oh my god
    i enjoyed watching the show when she was there
    i also liked the episodes with your son kyle in them

    please keep on amazing us
    you are great
    i love you a lot alottttttttttt

    will there be a season 9 or not
    please inform us cbs
    what will happen to kyle in afghanistan
  • David Caruso is one of the worse actor of all times!! Hands down!

    I love this show!! But, I think David Caruso is such a bad actor and he kills it!! He's always so calm, acting like he knows everything. No reaction, no emotions. He's always looking at the ground, puts on his sunglasses and puts his hands on his waist like he's all that. Always sounds calm with his low voice. OMG!! Somebody help this guy! He's such a BAD actor! One of my top 10 worse and annoying actor of all time. Everyone else are cool! They act... but I have no clue what David is doing. How did he score this role???
  • CSI:MIAMI, the best TV Show I've ever had seen. Amazing!!!!! I love this show! Horatio, Calleigh, Eric, Ryan, Frank, Alexx and Nathalia are the perfect team!! One thumb up! I would like they film an episode here in Dominican Republic. That will be great!

    CSI:MIAMI, the best TV Show I've ever had seen. Amazing!!!!! I love this show! Horatio, Calleigh, Eric, Ryan, Frank, Alexx and Nathalia are the perfect team!! One thumb up! I would like they film an episode here in Dominican Republic. That will be great!

    CSI:MIAMI, the best TV Show I've ever had seen. Amazing!!!!! I love this show! Horatio, Calleigh, Eric, Ryan, Frank, Alexx and Nathalia are the perfect team!! One thumb up! I would like they film an episode here in Dominican Republic. That will be great!

    CSI:MIAMI, the best TV Show I've ever had seen. Amazing!!!!! I love this show! Horatio, Calleigh, Eric, Ryan, Frank, Alexx and Nathalia are the perfect team!! One thumb up! I would like they film an episode here in Dominican Republic. That will be great!
  • I remember watching David Caruso on NYPD. He is just as hot and sexy now as he was then. He is a great actor. I hope he goes very far.

    David Caruso is a very talented actor. When he was on NYPD i never missed the show when he left i quit watching it. Then when CSI:MIAMI started i have yet to miss a show i watch all the reruns also. Can't seem to get enough of him. I am looking forward to when CSI and CSI MIAMI are shown working together. I think it will be a very explosive show. I was also wondering if they were evry going to give him more to say. He has a wonderful speaking voice would love to hear more of it soon.
  • CSI: Miami is an awesome show. At the end of every show you are left wanting more. We can't wait for the new season to begin.

    I have loved David Caruso since NYPD Blue....i was sad when he left the show. When I found out he was on CSI: Miami I couldn't wait to watch! I record every single episode of CSI: Miami(even if i have already seen the episode). Just look at his eyes! They lure you in! How can you resist but to watch his next move! My 8 year old also loves him. We are jealous of my husband because he has met and taken pictures with him! We hope to meet him one day! Soon! We can't wait for this next season to begin! My DVR is set to go!
  • Hi I'm Tracey.. I Think David Is A great Actor .. I Love Him .. When He Puts His Sun Glasses On I Go Weak At The Knees .. Hes So Gorgous .. I Wouldnt Kick Him Out Of Bed LOL

    I Think David Is A Great Actor,I Love Him .. When He Puts His Sun Glasses On I Go Weak At The Knees,Hes So Gorgous,I Wouldnt Kick Him Out Of Bed LOL, if He Ever Comes To The UK , I'll Show Him Round, People Think Im Crazy Sending Him letter , But What The Eck , You Only Live Once I say, Hes Too Yummy To Pass By, I Have Watched Most Of His Films , Hes Still Yummy When hes Playing Bad Guys, Hope Hes Not Leaving CSI Miami , I Could Never Watch It Again, Wont be Same Without Him In It
  • You are the best actor of all time. I absolutely love CSI: Miami and its all mainly because of you. You are so mysterious in it and it makes it all the more interesting. I'm so very glad you star in it. The show could not get any better. Thank You.

    Well, I really don't know what I'm reviewing. I have never done this before. I guess i will just tell whoever reads this how much I love CSI: Miami. I look forward to watching it everyday it is on. I set alarms to remind me incase I forget or am busy at the time. I love the intensity of every situation, and how no episode is ever the same. I really enjoy trying to guess who committed the crime. Every character does a wonderful job of portraying themselves but you, David, are my all time favorite. I know writing this is probably useless but I wanted to share it with someone. Peace.
  • One reason NOT to watch a series...

    Not that I watch any of the CSI's any more, but Miami never had my attention, unless there was a guest star I wanted to see. The location was one thing. Miami doesn't float my boat as a locale.
    But David Caruso's character is about as Casper Milktoast as you can get. It is dull, uninteresting, unbelievable and frequently unwatchable. I have literally found myself groaning at some tidbit of character "wisdom" or at some performance gem, and have walked away. I know there is a thing called "artistic license", but I think this license is a forged document!
    I'm not sure how the rule works: can a character Jump the Shark without taking the entire show with it?
  • I used to like CSI Miami, but I couldn't watch it after a while for one reason: I can only have so much cheese before it makes me sick.

    Take off your glasses again, Caruso. Don't worry, nobody will see it as a cheap way to elevate the drama of a scene. Where did you take acting lessons anyway?

    When you can fill up multiple editions of a book as well as yearly page-a-day calendars with a president's indisputably ignorant quotes, you know you have an idiot for a president.

    Similarly, when you can clip together more than seven minutes of Horatio giving cheesy one-liners and constantly removing his glasses, you know that CSI hired an insanely lame actor.

    Or maybe I should just shut my TV the f*ck off every time I see Jerry Bruckheimer's name in the opening credits.
  • What the hell is with him and his pose on the csi:Miami???

    OK, he might be talented experienced actor, but, man, the one thing i mind with csi:Miami is his sun glasses, his "super-fun ending sentences", and his pose like hes made out of a wood, and so he must stand on the side and watch people from the side (??) I never got that... He is nice actor, and i guess its not his fault 'cause he never properly smiled on the show, or looked someone without sad look in his eyes ( like hes dying or hes sorry for the whole world). I must admit that he is, as for me, the bad side of the csi:Miami. I don't remember him from the other shows or from the movies, but, man i did notice him here... But, then again, opposite of all what i just said, i think he shouldn't be replaced, and if so, it would be so stupid, because he is the show, without him the show wouldn't be the same. Just my opinion...
  • Okay, I'm not writing this review just to rag on David Caruso, I just have a burning hatred of him and on here all the other reviews of him were 10's so here's a one.

    My logic to write reviews is to give my opinion so don't be like 'I love him,you suck', It's mean.
    Anyways on to the review. I read an old article in like Newsweek or something like that in school the other week and it said that he was a total sex symbol, my friend and me were completely appalled, she has a major disdain of David as well. Apparently he was considered hot at some point of his life (sorry to the people that think he is hot now) I actually saw a part of a movie with him in it like 2 years ago and he was like 20 or so, and he looked almost exactly that same as he does now. It kind of freaked me out. Enough about his looks, his acting abilities may be quite different that what we all see on CSI Miami, but in that show it makes me want to blow the brains out of my skull (but not before I break his sunglasses) He says so cliche things, I know he does not write that show but come on, can they not make him promise a bunch of people that he will find their parents/spouses killer, it irks me.
    All in all I kind of hate him, and i did end up ragging on him like I promised that I wouldn't. I guess i get a little carried away with my annoying rants about the people that i dislike.
  • Good actor in a TERRIBLE SHOW! The writing is on the elementary level, and so is the directing. The characters appear to be reading from the script as they're acting the roles and IT STINKS!!!

    I have seen David Caruso in NYPD Blue so I know he can act. But, everybody in this show seems so stiff, like they're reading the script without feeling the part. The writing SUCKS, as does the one line openers they give Caruso in the opening. Someone should write a script on the killing of the CSI Miami show. It's time to move on from kiddie script writing school to college. (This is supposed to be about David Caruso, but anybody who knows anthing about law enforcement knows that CSI's don't carry guns, aren't cops, etc. But, they got to make the show interesting so the actors get double duty, but with the most God awful scripts!!!)
  • Ewwww!

    Okay, so I've never seen him in anything but CSI: Miami, but still - he's crap!

    It might be partly because of a dodgy scriptwriter but the rest of it is dodgy acting! The stupid way he stands(sideways with his legs firmly apart), the head tilt, the one expression face is all his fault & what sometimes just makes him & the whole show unbearable to watch!

    The people at CSI: Miami should give the other characters more screen time and throw 'H' in prison or kill him off for a few episodes! Please!?

    On the plus side I like the colour of his eyes - but nothing else about him! Nothing at all!
  • Omg I can't believe my friend would say he is cute!?!

    I hate him!!!! Every time we flip to CSI Miami and see him we would quickly change the channel!!! What I can't stand about him in this show is that he is always right, hands on hips and last but not least his stupid sun glasses!!! Why must he always be the hero!!! OMG give me a break!!!!! I want to say that why does he looking at people with a tilt of a head… omg can he not do that, it's so annoying!!!

    My dad would mimic H by talking with his head tilted or putting his hand on his hips, last time when I was watching the show, it was very annoying, now it's just plain funny and got to laugh at those moments!!! lol

    When my friend told me that she like H, at that time I was still watching the programme, and man did I fall of the chair laughing, it was so funny. What is it that people like about H still very much surprise me.
  • to me David is by far the best looking man on the planet!!! I watch every thing I get my hands on.He can say a 1000 words with his eyes!! AWESOME MAN ~tanyadell~

    I haven't seen a movie or tv show of his I DIDN'T like. He is TOPS to me in any and all things. Hope CSI-Miami lasts for many years to come.Really looking forward to season 6.What are they going to do with our Horatio this year.Joined net flix just to get to see more of his films that I can not seem to be able to find.He is adorable in Hudson Hawk even though he never speaks.Session 9 is an awesome display of his many talents.Proof of life is an awesome flick to.But then again I love him in anything
  • There were times when I thought he was good ... not anymore.

    There were times when I thought he was good, but then he was repeating the same expressions, the same characteristics ... and that's when he became boring ... but that wasn't enough, he had to become ANNOYING! He can sometimes present himself as the compassionate father figure, and that would be nice if only it was presented in the right setting, but even this sweet side of the character is soooo overused to the point of absurdity.

    I know many people have mentioned this, but COME ON, what's the deal with the sunglasses?!! And the dark suit, the way he stands, the way he talks ... I think I've had enough of that during the course of 5 seasons (4 actually, didn't get to the end of the fifth yet). Point is, he's got to go, well the entire show's got to go, it's becoming quiet ridiculous and with the absence of decent characters and good writers there's really nothing left for the show to go on.

    Unless they can perform a miraculous transformation on CSI:Miami next season (that does NOT include Caruso) I don’t think the show will last any longer. Maybe they should move to another city and start fresh ... CSI:Detroit?
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