David Conrad

David Conrad


8/17/1967, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

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David Crawford Conrad


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David was born, raised and still resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. David attended Brown University and graduated from Julliard in 1995. David decided to be an actor while in high school. David made his feature film debut garnering a role in Summer Heat.

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    • David Conrad: (On how he believes being a physical person helped his acting career) Every time you move, you give yourself away,... ...Unless you transform yourself on stage, you just end up playing yourself.

    • David Conrad: (On entering Juilliard) It was great,... ...They tore me down and built me back up. I went from boarding school to craziness and back to structure.

    • David Conrad: (On being emotionally worn out after graduating from college) I was so emotionally worn out all I wanted to do was ride my bike, 20, 40, 50 miles a day.

    • David Conrad: (On taking up acting at Brown University as an antidote to the discipline he had experienced in prep school.) I went to the theater department and auditioned with a scene from 'Our Town,'... ...I didn't know what I was doing. But I must have been doing something right, because they gave me the part. From then on it was pretty much downhill. I learned a lot of stupid things and did a lot of pretentious stuff.

  • He is a great and charming actor. I have seen most of his works since childhood. He does not act the same in his movies and TV shows like most of the TV show actors.moreless

    In my opinion he should be promoted to a bigger star. He is a star, but i don't think his manager is trying harder to get him to better movies with much more possibility of becoming a bigger star.

    There are many factors which play important role for a person to become a super star. It's not just their talent. You see Tom cruise acts the same in all his movies. So I can't call him a great actor! He just been in a right place at a right time. Anyway! I think DAVID CONRAD deserve to be more than just a TV show actor.moreless
  • It's so great to see a young man from Pittsburgh doing so well. My husband and I watch ghost whisperer every friday and were surprised to find out Mr. Conrad was from our area. We all just love the showmoreless

    We think David is really a great addition to the cast and love his character in the story line. A couple of times we thought the story might involve his departure (especially the one where the preview implied that someone "close to the heart" would die. We'd have been soooo upset if it had been David's character because the romance and mutually supportive nature of their relationship is a big part of what hooked me on the show. My husband probably just likes the scary stuff but I like to imagine he likes the romantic part too ;) We just both really like the characters and actors on the show and also want to add some praise for Jennifer Hewitt. As parents of a young woman, we delight in there being a role model in the performing arts that is living a reasonably normal, drug and scandel free life and who also had the courage to stand up against the craziness of the "ultra thin" social pressure. We think Ms. Hewit is a lovely, perfectly shaped young woman who is living a moral life and managing to be sucessful in a world that rarely appreciates such efforts. Our daughter (a vocal performance major at Duquesne University) actually wrote a song inspired by a ghost whisperer episode. If David Conrad would like to check out a "steeltown" girl he could visit her page at www.myspace.com/mollyraemusic The song is "left for dead"...but they are all really good. Of course I'm her mom ;) Anyway, Good Luck to a really talented hometown guy!....moreless