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  • Why did this dude win American Idol last year instead of David Artuleta.

    I really don't even like this dude.He's not even better than that really good David Artuleta.I mean,who would vote for a rocker instead of a pop star?!I will always dislike this dude and him winning the American Idol.Voters,why did you vote for this dude?He's a rocker and David Arthuleta is better than him because he sings pop and he's been on ICarly!I don't even think this dude is the best American Idol ever because I keep getting mad everytime I see this dude on anything.I really dislike this dude because he beated David Arthuleta on American Idol last year!Why judges,Why?!You let this dude win?!I can't believe this!
  • One of my favorite Idol winners.

    Last year when I was watching the audition American Idol, I wasn't really into him until he sang, I liked his edgy, raspy voice as I agreed with the judges and successfully went to Hollywood. He's also a talented musician too that he sometimes performed by playing his guitar but with his left hand. and still he impressed the fans and the judges for his excellent performance, it shows that he's a creative and charismatic person. As well I'm very happy that he won Idol. I like his song 'Light On' too. So, I hope he keep up his good work.
  • America's greatest singer with a big heart.

    I fell in love with David Cook's singing since his audition and became a fan, or wordnerd, after his performance of Happy Together on Top 24 night. After hearing about his older brother having brain cancer, I was surprised that he didn't use it to get sympathy. He even supported a young girl with cancer. Since it was his brother who wanted to audition and not him was a surprise but fate brought him into the competition for all of us to hear his amazing voice. I cannot wait to hear him on the tour. America chose the right Idol this year.
  • American Idol of Season 7 congratz

    Congratz to you David Cook, the best man won. Thank god another guy won, this competition for I thought that the women would go all girl power. I know those critiques hit the guy pretty hard and I knew that it was such a tough decision between the two davids. Thank god. the Time of My Life song was perfect one of the best seasons ever. Even Simon didn't care who won. This season was probably the best and I didn't expect a guy to win this season but my opinions change. I'm going to buy this guys cd when it's out.
  • For the first time in a while, America got it right when they voted David Cook the winner of "American Idol."

    David Cook is one of the most talented artists I have ever heard in my life. I'm surprised he didn't have a BIG record deal before he was on the show. Each week David put his all into each performance and he always succeeded in putting the audience in a great mood. His voice and the notes he can hold and hit are amazing and the way he can transform a song into something contemporary and unique or just add his touch to an oldie and make it special again is truly something wonderful. David Cook is definitely one of my favorite artists on "American Idol" and I am looking forward to buying my copy of his upcoming CD in the Fall. Surely, this artist will be one the most popular and successful winners of "American Idol" history.
  • Winner of Season 7.

    David Cook is best known as being the winner on American Idol Season 7. At first, I thought he was overrated, but I am a fan now. He never was "bad" on Idol. What I like about him is that he is original, has a good voice (most of the time) and that he seems really nice. He is so nice to David Archuleta, and practically every other finalist. Now, I heard that he is dating Kimberly Caldwell. Hmmm, I wonder if they are gonna be boyfriend/girlfriend. The only song I have on my iPod from him is The Time of my Life, which is his winning single. Congrats Cook for winning!
  • David Cook rules!!

    David is so talented and can totally sing, he's also relly good looking too. I'd totally go out and buy his album.

    I have gone for David since his audition and I knew he would go far, but I also knew David A would go far too. I am happy that David Cook won, and I kew he would in a way but I also wanted to see David A win too because he is totally talented too and is lovely.

    I can't wait to see how far he goes with his music and if he makes a band or just goes solo, it would be good to see him in a band but he can play the guitar so well anyway I don't think he will need anyone else..

    You totally rule David!!
  • david cook is a true features of a rising superstar good looking, nice personality and most of all great talent! ilove you david cook!

    david cook is a true features of a rising superstar good looking, nice personality and most of all great talent! ilove you david cook!i love david cook i hope that someday he will have a concert in the philippines for his fans here we love him so much and heck!!! ill buy my whole family davids album his my idol.....a great guy.....my kids also loves him so much my 2 yr old n 5 yr old likes saying mom when i grow up i wanna be like david cook i waslike ohh yeah cool!!! we really love david cook!!!!! so much
  • David Cook is so lovely. He plays sports, sings, plays instruments & is incredibly GORGEOUS. Let's just say if he doesn't win American Idol I will go on strike. :)

    I love D. Cook. We both play the guitar and like Baseball. His voice is suuuuper nice and he's sung a lot of my favorite songs on idol. :) Have you seen his face & hair? He looks like a GOD. He didn't quite look so good in the beginning of American Idol but when you look at him now...He's gorgeous. He cut his hair & he lost some weight. Kudos, kudos. His voice is another thing to dwell on. It's really good. I wonder, perhaps he stole that voice from an angel. :) David's charming & sweet as I know from all he's done for his brother and Lindsey Rose. ORANGE BALLERS!
  • he rocks!

    david cook was always my favorite on american idol. he has a great voice, plus he takes a whole lotta risks and they always turn out well. i can barely remember when the judges sais one thing, just one thing, bad about him! now that him and david a. are in the finals, i have no clue whos gonna win, bbut i hope its david c. i have a feeling hes the judges fav, and everyone i know is getting bored of david a. he sings boring ballads. my fav perfomance was when he sang, wait i forgot the name but it was when he was in the top 3. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs.
  • A very hot contestant on American Idol season 7

    I LOVE him!! He is soo original!! He takes songs and makes them totally different!! He makes them his! I hate David A adn think David C. should win!! I love the fact that he's a rocker! He could be the first rocker American Idol!!!! I think he is so hot!! Not to mention he can sing!! I hate the fact that people are voteing for David A just because he's cute!! Simon's right: This is a singing contest, not a popualraty one! Vote for people who deserve to be there, like David Cook!! Rock on Cooks Crew!! David Cook forever!
  • I love him!!

    David Cook is an amazing singer!! I love his style and personality and of course his voice!! :) He is my personal favorite this season on American Idol and I hope and pray that he wins!! So far he has not been in the bottom three so that's a pretty good sign. I really think he is talented and has complete potential. He could be quite successful in the music business :) If he doesn't win yeah I will be mad but hey I'm sure he'll get a record deal anyway..haha..overall David Cook pretty much rocks!! He should be the next American Idol! :)
  • David Cook is a very good singer. One thing he needs to work on is his appearance.

    Mr David Cook is a very good singer. My mom wasn't sure if he liked him or not. But the guy kind of grows on you. I think perhaps David could be quite good looking if he fixed up himself a bit. He sort of reminds me of the host. Except David is taller and wider.

    I don't mean to sound cruel, but perhaps if you got someone from "What not to Wear" on the show (Miss London) or someone like her David would improve. And it isn't so much his dress as it is his hair.

    I got a chuckle out of seeing him as a bar tender on one of your shows. This is what he does as a job. And it isn't so much that David is a bar tender. It is his appearance. The guy reminded me of a drunk. For example you wondered if he was dipping into the "juice" after he got off work. I would imagine that that type of a job might lead to alcoholism. Although I am not saying here that that is David's problem. I am just commenting on his appearance.

    To make David look less like a drunk he needs to do some things. Like shave and do something with his hair. I hope he doesn't wear too many skeletons on his tee shirts. My son use to wear that type of thing all the time. I felt like I was constantly looking at death. It gets depressing. Although I understand that the Grateful Dead was a very good band.

    So David is a good singer that needs to clean himself up a bit. How good? Well, I am not quite sure yet.
  • Original singer are few now .. David might bring them back

    I am not to much an American Idol fan ... but I must say listening to David Cook has changed my mind ... Love his version of Billy Jean which is one of my favorite song.. David almost brought me to tears... He voice is amazing and divine to listen too.. God bless and wish you luck David ...

    I have been making sure I don't miss the show just to hear him sing ... He is very deep and focus on his music... Finally something new and refreshing ... Hope to be able to some day to fine his cds in the stores and go to one of his concerts ... Once again god bless