David Coulthard

David Coulthard


3/27/1971, Twynholm, Scotland, UK

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David Coulthard


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David was born on march 27, 1971 in Twynholm, Scotland. Twynholm is a small Scottish village of less than 300 people. David's grandfather started a haulage company in the village in 1916 and this wealth later helped to support DC's foray into motor racing. His father was a…more


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  • Trivia

    • David was invited to test Citroen's Red Bull sponsored world rally car by Sebastien Loeb, following his test for the Red Bull Formula One team in 2008. David accepted the invitation, but hastily added a pinch of caution, saying he didn't want to drive in the forest as at the rate he'd been crashing, he was uncomfortable with idea of driving in the bush.

    • In 2009, David, along with friends Jacques Villeneuve & Damon Hill, took part in a charity ski endurance race in Switzerland. The annual 24-hour race is sponsored by Jacques Villeneuve and his long-time business partner Craig Pollock.

    • Asked for the three things he most cherishes, David responds: Life, love and health.

    • David and fiancée, Karen Minier, welcomed their first child, a baby boy on November 25 2009. The couple named the 6lb child Dayton Minier Coulthard. David joked "He'll be signed up for Ferrari in 2028."

    • Earned through both his Red Bull retainer and sponsorship deals, as well as investments such as his Monaco hotel, David placed second on the Scottish high-earners list, just behind tennis player Andy Murray ($18.2m) in 2008.

    • David took up a position with the BBC in 2009, to commentate on Formula One races alongside Martin Brundle, Eddie Jordan, Jonathan Legard, Lee McKenzie and Ted Kravitz.

    • In 2008 David was invited to test Citroen's Red Bull sponsored world rally car.

    • Scott Speed was fined $5000 by the FIA stewards after swearing at David during a hearing that also saw him lose his eighth place for passing under yellows. Speed told David to f*ck Off'.

    • David announced his retirement from Formula One racing at the 2008 British GP. He raced in 15 consecutive seasons, with 13 wins. At the age of 37 he was the oldest active race driver.

    • David was fined 4,000 Euros for missing the Sunday drivers' parade for the 2008 Spanish GP. The drivers' parade is mandatory for all drivers. David, who had to pay the fine out of his own pocket, attempted in vain to have the penalty reduced when he spoke to the race stewards after Sunday's grand prix.

    • David's favorite actors are Mel Gibson and Sylvester Stallone.

    • David's hobbies include: Golf, cycling, yachting & watching movies.

    • David wore special helmet colours for the Japanese GP in honour of fellow Scot and friend Colin McRae. The former Rally world champion died in September 2007 along with his five year old son Johnny and two family friends when the helicopter he was piloting crashed in Scotland.

    • In September 2007 David released his autobiography titled, It Is What It Is.

    • In July 2007 it was revealed David was set to secure a multi-million dollar windfall by selling his five-star hotel Columbus in Monaco. David co-owns the hotel with hotel magnate and fellow millionaire Ken McCulloch, who had apparently fallen out with a third partner, Chicago-based Peter Morris. It was reported in British newspapers that the pair were seeking (US) $70 million.

    • In June 2007, David was a guest of Ireland's rally tarmac champion Eugene Donnelly, and advised the new Reid team 'on all aspects of team building as well as diet, training and the mental approach to competitive driving'. David also drove Donnelly's Subaru Impreza, ahead of the Donegal International Rally, held in the northwest of Ireland.

    • Witnesses have said the terrifying shunt between David and Alex Wurz at the 2007 Australian GP could easily have been F1's worst moment since the horror Imola weekend of 1994. Alex's helmeted head nearly bore the brunt of David's flying Red Bull. At a speed in the range of 160kph, the distance between the left sidepod of David's RB3 and Williams racer Alex's face is estimated at about 15cm.

    • David has his own museum in his birthplace of Twynholm in Scotland. Started by his father Duncan, it houses nearly every trophy and artefact David has won or collected during his career.

    • On February 7th, 2007, a Monaco court fined David 500 euros (330 pounds) for injuring a woman passenger when he crashed his Mercedes during a high-speed tour of the principality's grand prix circuit in 1999. David was travelling at 100-150 kph through the tunnel on the night of the accident in April 1999, several weeks before that year's Monaco GP. The passenger was slightly hurt but withdrew her complaint in 2002, the year in which he took his second Monaco victory for Mercedes-powered McLaren, after being compensated by the driver. The court still fined David after finding him guilty of accidental injury.

    • David was beaten by Yvan Muller in an Aston Martin in the 2006 Race Of Champions.

    • David asked Belgian girlfriend, former F1 TV journalist for France's TF1, Karen Minier, to marry him on Friday 2 June 2008. In July 2008 they revealed they were expecting their first child together

    • David wore a cape on the podium as he celebrated 3rd place at the 2006 Monaco GP. This was in response to the Red Bull tam promoting the new 2006 Superman movie starring Kevin Spacey.

    • David's manager is Martin Brundle, a former F1 driver.

    • On 2nd May 2000, DC and his then girlfriend, Heidi Winchelski, survived a plane crash which killed both pilots. David drove in the 2000 Spanish Grand Prix just days after the incident.

    • In 1989 David was the British FF1600 Champion. In 1991 he was the European F3 Marlboro Masters winner and in 1993 he was the Le Mans 24 Hr GT Class winner. His first Formula One win was in Portugal, 1995.

    • DC's helmet design was painted by Stranraer karter Brian Smith as a thank you to his father for sponsorship in karting.

    • DC lives in Monaco and owns several luxury hotels in Britain and Monaco, including the Columbus, which is located in Monaco's Fontvieille. [2008]

    • David is the highest-scoring British driver ever with 500 points (as of the 2006 Australian Grand Prix), beating Nigel Mansell's previous record of 482 points.

    • In 1990, he suffered a broken leg at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, yet still came back the following year to win Formula 3 races at Zandvoort, Netherlands and Macau, China.

    • David began racing in Formula Ford in 1989. His performance was so impressive that he won the first ever McLaren/Autosport Young Driver of the Year award.

    • DC's Championship results:
      1994: 8th, 14 points (Williams)
      1995: 3rd, 49 points (Williams)
      1996: 7th, 18 points (McLaren)
      1997: 3rd, 36 points (McLaren)
      1998: 3rd, 56 points (McLaren)
      1999: 4th, 48 points (McLaren)
      2000: 3rd, 73 points (McLaren)
      2001: 2nd, 65 points (McLaren)
      2002: 5th, 41 points (McLaren)
      2003: 7th, 51 points (McLaren)
      2004: 9th, 24 points (McLaren)
      2005: 12th, 24 points (Red Bull)

    • As at end of the 2007 season, David has participated in 229 GPs;
      As at end of the 2007 season, David has finished 155 F1 GPs;
      As at end of the 2007 season, David has been on the F1 podium 61 times;
      As at end of the 2007 season, David has finished in the points 119 times;
      As at end of the 2007 season, David has had 74 retirements from F1 races;
      As at end of the 2007 season, David has won 13 F1 GPs;
      As at end of the 2007 season, David has had 12 F1 pole positions;
      As at end of the 2007 season, David has had 2 doubles (pole position and win);
      As at end of the 2007 season, David has had 1 triple (pole position, win & fastest lap)

    • David's favorite drink is tea and his favorite foods are Italian and Thai.

    • The teams David has raced for in F1 are as follows:
      Rothmans Williams Renault (1994)
      Rothmans Williams Renault (1995)
      Marlboro McLaren Mercedes (1996)
      West McLaren Mercedes (1997)
      West McLaren Mercedes (1998)
      West McLaren Mercedes (1999)
      West McLaren Mercedes (2000)
      West McLaren Mercedes (2001), West McLaren Mercedes (2002)
      West McLaren Mercedes (2003)
      West McLaren Mercedes (2004)
      Red Bull (2005)
      Red Bull Racing (2006)
      Red Bull Racing (2007

    • The engines David has raced with in F1 are as follows:
      Renault 3.5 V10 (1994)
      Renault 3.0 V10 (1995)
      Mercedes 3.0 V10 (1996)
      Mercedes 3.0 V10 (1997)
      Mercedes 3.0 V10 (1998)
      Mercedes 3.0 V10 (1999)
      2000 MERCEDES-BENZ FO110J V10 (2000)
      Mercedes-Benz F0110K V10 (2001)
      Mercedes-Benz F0110M V10 (2002)
      Mercedes-Benz F0110 V10 (2003)
      Mercedes-Benz (2004)
      Cosworth (2005)
      Ferrari 056 (2006)
      Renault RS27 (2007)

    • The chassis David has raced with in F1 are as follows:
      Williams FW16 (1994)
      Williams FW16B (1994)
      Williams FW17B (1995)
      Williams FW17 (1995)
      McLaren MP4-11 (1996)
      McLaren MP4-12 (1997)
      McLaren MP4-13 (1998)
      McLaren MP4-14 (1999)
      McLaren MP4-15 (2000)
      McLaren MP4-16 (2001)
      McLaren MP4/17 (2002)
      McLaren MP4/18 (2003)
      McLaren MP4/17D (2003)
      McLaren MP4/19 (2004)
      McLaren MP4/19B (2004)
      Red Bull RB1 (2005)
      Red Bull RB2 (2006)
      Red Bull RB3 (2007)

    • David's parents are Duncan and Joyce Coulthard.

    • DC is 1.82m tall and weights approx 72.5kg.

    • DC dropped out of a Business Studies computing course at college to pursue motor racing.

    • David attended Twynholm Primary School (1976-1983) and Kirkcudbright Academy (1983-1986). He later dropped out of a Business Studies computing course at college to pursue motor racing.

  • Quotes

    • David (after being taken out of his final ever F1 GP on the 2nd corner) I'm pretty gutted, it's not how I wanted to end my career. I took a cautious approach into Turn one and left plenty of space for the car on the inside, but unfortunately I think Rosberg hit me though Turn two, which spun me round. I thought it would be okay, but then Nakajima ran into the front of my car and took off the front corner. I felt good on the warm up laps going to the grid, I had no problem with it being wet and I wanted to get to the chequered flag. I was going to do some doughnuts for the crowd, which is something you normally get fined for, but it didn't work out.
      I can't complain though, I've had a good career, so thank you to everyone who has supported me. Thank you also to the efforts of every member of the Red Bull Racing team for the last four years, which have been a lot of fun, I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. I've been overwhelmed by the level of support I've had from the paddock this weekend, it means a great deal to me that so many people have taken the time to say 'nice career and good luck with the future'. And, in the absence of a World Championship, I think if I can leave with that, then that's a good ending.

    • David: Years ago I had the theory that ultimately I wanted a boat, a place by the sea, a city place and a place in the mountains and when I was lucky enough to have each of those I wanted to know which one I enjoyed the most. And I realised I enjoyed them all in equal measures, just at different times of the year.

    • David: (on what he's going to miss about Formula One after he retires) The adrenaline rush of the pressure and intensity of getting out there and having to do it against the clock.

    • David: (announcing his retirement from Formula One racing at the end of the 2008 season) I would like to announce today my decision to retire from racing in Formula One at the end of this season. I will remain actively involved in the sport as a consultant to Red Bull Racing focusing on testing and development of the cars.

    • David: (joking about trying to avoid a fine for missing the drivers' parade at the 2008 Spanish GP) When I was with the stewards I said thank you for hearing what I had to say about the race, but can we talk about another event. I said: 'You've fined me 4,000 Euros, I've done 230-odd grands prix and never missed one except for Malaysia where I was ill and in the medical centre. So that's 4,000 Euros out of my children's inheritance!' There was no reaction from them. No smile or anything. So I then said to them: 'Okay, let's cut it to 2000 Euros if I pay in cash.' Still no reaction. So I then asked (FIA representative) Alan Donnelly if he could translate that, because that is somewhat funny in English. But he said it was only funny in Scottish... I've told Karen [fiancé] no shopping and next week no food on the table. We'll take the pain together!

    • David: (joking that Felipe Massa should apologise for their crash during the 2008 Aus GP) If he doesn't, then I'm gonna kick three colours of shit out of the little bastard.

    • David: (on the tragic death of Colin McRae in a helicopter accident in September 2007) It's shocking, Colin was a friend, as is his lovely wife Alison and the family. So obviously there's disbelief here in the whole paddock that the McRaes have been affected in this way, and obviously another family as well. It's tragic circumstances.

    • David: (revealing he was once bulimic) I stopped eating fattening food and, before I knew what had happened, I was bulimic. In my mind the only way I could keep my weight down was by making myself vomit. At first I was just very, very lean. I became skin and bone, but I weighed myself every morning, noon and night - in the evening if I was half a pound heavier, I'd get in the pool and swim.

    • David: (on speculation he is to retire) I'm irritated to have to answer questions based on the fact I was born in 1971. The statistics show I am quicker in the races than Mark and the car telemetry shows it too. End of story.

    • David: I destroyed a Williams on the day that Frank (Williams) came to Jerez to tell me I'd got the drive for this (his first) grand prix. I had never damaged a Williams in the two years that I had driven there. Nothing. I still don't know today whether I dropped it or something broke.

    • David: (taking a dig at a few of his colleagues) I don't pay for my cockpit or have a father who drove in Formula One - I am still here because my team believes that I bring them value by performing at the highest level.

    • David: (refuting rumours he will retire after the 2006 season) Michael Schumacher is older than me and he is still winning. I go every year to a clinic ... where they check everything out. I know that I am fit and well and not about to die. I am not retiring. Why can't people understand this?

    • David: (abusing Juan Pablo Montoya in the press after qualifying at the 2006 British GP) I wouldn't waste my time by going to see Juan Pablo. It would be like going to a zoo and trying to communicate with a chimpanzee. We speak a different language and have a different racing etiquette, so there is no point talking to him.

    • David: As for my best performance, that would be Magny Cours 2001. I had to overtake Rubens and Michael and I was stronger than my team-mate all weekend. Mika was a great benchmark for me because he was so fast. I had a real battle to pass Michael which resulted in me giving him 'that hand signal' and I've still got the photograph of the incident on top of the TV in my motorhome!"

    • David: The start of my career was pretty difficult as it came about after Roland and Ayrton had died at the San Marino GP in Imola. Williams ran only one car in the following race, Monaco, as a mark of respect for Ayrton and then made me a Grand Prix driver at the Spanish GP in 1994, so my opportunity definitely came with mixed emotions.

    • David: I am not motivated by recognition, I just do things I like doing - racing, shagging, eating and drinking.

    • In June 2005, David was interviewed by ITV's Louise Goodman before the start of the Canadian Grand Prix.

      Louise: Have you been practising with that pit lane speed limiter?
      David: Yeah I have. I've just been imagining it's your nipples. I'm being a bit more gentle with it when I take my finger off it at the end of the pit lane!

    • David: (on racing an F1 car) It's like that great magical moment when you meet someone you haven't seen for a while but were emotionally close to.... Or that first kiss... that tingling feeling you can't quite explain, but it feels good and you wish you could tell somebody about it.

    • When David first met the Spice Girls, the pop stars had no idea who he was:
      DC: I'm David Coulthard, the driver.
      Spice Girl: Oh, right. What time are you coming to pick us up, then?

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