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    • David: I'd like to hope that years from now people can look at the reruns (of Friends)... and say 'That is still a really funny show' or 'It's still really sweet.' And if that happens... I'll be thrilled.

    • David: I think Friends' success lies partly in the diversity of its characters but mostly Friends enjoyed the benefits of a very weak decade in television entertainment.

    • David: (on making "Friends") The thing that was really exciting for us is to approach the show differently, to really make it feel more like life.

    • David: There's an emotional component to the show that we can never lose sight of because I think the shows you get tired of the fastest are the ones where you don't really invest on some level.

    • David: You know what's interesting is we kind of work in a bubble and we just come here everyday and we're here for like 17-18 hours a day and we do the work and try not to pay attention to what's going on outside of our little world.

    • David: (on CBS' response to their idea of "The Class") They were open to anything. They loved the idea, they loved the concept that it wasn't a traditional sitcom, per se, that we'd have a much bigger canvas and a lot more characters.

    • David: (on how he was as a kid) I wasn't unlike what I am now -- a lot of energy, goofy and as unathletic as a kid can get.

    • David: (on Bradeis University's support of their TV career) The University was incredibly supportive financially, emotionally, and spiritually and I think it gave us the feeling that we could really do this.

    • David: We went through more than a thousand applicants for each role. We often thought we were never going to cast the show well.

    • David: I learned a lot of stuff, very basic things about theater and acting and drama, which I am still applying to the work I do now.