David Cross

David Cross


4/4/1964, Atlanta, Georgia

Birth Name

David Cross



Also Known As

Sir Willups Brightslymoore
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  • Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, and David Cross...
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David Cross grew up in Atlanta, but at the completion of High school he moved to Boston, where he briefly studied at Emerson College before dropping out to pursue a full-time stand-up comedy career. He got his big break as a writer for The Ben Stiller Show. This…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • David Cross: Someone who can take anything and turn it into comedy gold.

    David Cross is one of those rare comedians who is never hampered by bad material, partly because he often writes such great material for himself. But no matter what medium he is working in, his participation guarantees it will be funny. He possesses that "Tim Conway-esque" quality of making awful material funny, and funny material absolutely hilarious. He is one of those people who is willing to do absolutely anything to make people laugh. An Emmy-winning writer (for The Ben Stiller Show), he also co-created, and starred in, HBO's cult classic sketch comedy Mr. Show with often partner Bob Odenkirk. He first really shined on TV for me on Just Shoot Me, in his guest role as Donnie, Elliot's brother who had pretended to be brain-damaged for a decade to avoid work. He has also had brilliant turns in both Men in Black movies. His most recent success has come on FOX's Emmy-winning Arrested Development, as doctor-turned-actor Tobias Fünke. Every scene he is in he does something, no matter how subtle or grandiose, that makes the scene better for his presence. An accomplished stand-up comedian, he is also a Grammy-nominated artist for his comedy album, Shut Up, You ****ing Baby. He has also recently added videogame voiceover work to his resumé, hilariously portraying remote-control aficiando Zero in GTA: San Andreas, as well as a soldier in Halo 2. If you ever desperately need a laugh, find anything with David Cross in it. You will get what you need, guaranteed!moreless
  • Truly Talented Actor!

    David Cross is one of the most underrated actors on television. His performances on Arrested Development are phenomenal; he is easily the funniest character on the show. Especially in the episodes where he attempts to join the blue man group, and his never nude obsession. I have recently just seen She’s the Man in which he has a small role playing the headmaster at the school which Amanda Byines attends. He steals every scene he is in with brilliant comedic line which according to the extra features is mostly improvised. He truly is a talented actor and I hope to see him get the recognition and credit he deserves.moreless