David de Lautour

David de Lautour


11/28/1982, Christchurch, New Zealand

Birth Name

David Hugh de Lautour



Also Known As

David de Latour
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David knew he wanted to act when he was eight years old and acting in his first play, Little Red Riding Hood. He attended King's College in New Zealand before going oversea in 2001, when he won a scholarship to study at New York's American Musical and Dramatic…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • David's favorite role that he's played was on stage in a play called The Venetian Twins. David played both twins, and part of what made it fun was that they were worlds apart, personality-wise.

    • In 2008, David made the short film Isosceles, playing the role of "Jesse".

    • David plays the guitar, sings tenor/baritone (pop & rock), and is trained in various dance styles, including contemporary and jazz.

    • David is accomplished at using different accents, including American Standard, Australian, Canadian, English RP, Irish, and Southern. He can also speak basic Japanese.

    • David's theatre credits include:
      (2008) Beast "Felix", Fingerprints and Teeth Company, Dir Thomas Sainsbury
      (2007) Stuck "Jack" Tool Shed Productions, Dir Justin Ross
      (2000) Measure for Measure "Angelo"
      (1999) Oh What a Lovely War "Soloist"
      (1999) The Venetian Twins "Zanetto & Angelo" Kings College
      (1999) Return to The Forbidden Planet "Captain Tempest" Unitec Performing Arts School, Dir Simon John Coleman
      (1998) Man of Steel "Crusher"
      (1998) Me and My Girl

    • David hopes to eventually make films, but first he plans to stay in the US and work in theater.

    • David won a $24,000 scholarship to attend the American Musical and Dramatic Arts Academy, the highest awarded by the school in his year, after an audition process in which he competed with 700 others for only 150 places. David's program generally lasts 18 months and trains actors in many diverse skills, including as combat fighting, voice projection, improvisation, and theatre history.

    • David is a member of the King's College Old Collegians Association, which is open to everyone who attended King's College. is listed on their website as one of their prominent success stories in acting, along with fellow Kiwi actor Marton Csokas.

    • David had a lead role in the pilot of the show The New Monkees, but he did not appear in the run of the show.

    • David has a recording contract with the indie label Tool Shed Productions. He plays guitar, and sings tenor/baritone in pop/rock style.

    • David's musical influences are Tigilau Ness, Yabby You, Bob Marley, Katchafire, Cornerstone Roots, Kora, Fat Freddy's Drop, Citizen Cope, Ben Harper, Che Fu.

    • David modeled his character Adam on Being Eve after actors Jack Nicholson and Christian Slater.

    • When David arrived in New York to go to Drama School he was surprised to be recognized by young Americans. It's easy to explain, however, since his New Zealand show Being Eve had been syndicated in the US on the Nickelodeon Network.

    • David enjoys playing sports, writing and builds furniture as a hobby. His favorite sports are golf, tennis, running, rugby and soccer.

    • Adam is 5'11" tall (180 cm), with brown hair and green eyes.

    • David's favorite actor is Matt Damon, and his favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption. His favorite TV show is Entourage, and his favorite song is "One" by Shapeshifter.

    • David is represented professionally by the firm Karen Kay Management.

  • Quotes

    • David: (on his role for "Power Rangers Jungle Fury") I'd never played somone with such a big personality, it was so much fun coming up with quirks and ticks for RJ.

    • David: (on going to drama school in the US) I'm having the time of my life. Acting is my chosen career. I never wanted to go to university, and this course suits because it is short, it is teaching me how to do things properly, and I am meeting lots of people.

    • David: (on his relationship with his fellow actors from "Being Eve") I picked up Joanna, Fleur and Lionel and we hung out at the beach the other day. We'll stay buddies for sure.