David Dukes





6/6/1945 , San Francisco, California (USA)



Birth Name




David Dukes was born in San Francisco, California on June 6th, 1945. He was the son of a highway patrolman. In 1970, Dukes became an actor, starting with the television series "The Virginian" as Lad Dormer. More recently, he played Mr. McPhee on "Dawson's Creek". In 1971, Dukes made his Broadway debut in "School for Wives." He later went on to play notable roles such as Dracula, Dr. Frankenstein and Antonio Salieri in "Amadeus." In 1980, he was nominated for a Tony Award under 'best featured actor' in Bent. In all, Dukes appeared in 35 motion pictures, including Alex in Wonder, Gods and Monsters and Me and the Kid. He received an Emmy nomination for best supporting actor for his role in the made for TV movie The Josephine Baker Story in 1991. Dukes would go on to star in over 25 TV movies. Dukes left behind his son and daughter at age 55, when he suffered a fatal heart attack on October 9th, 2000. David Dukes was laid to rest in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.