David E. Kelley (I)

David E. Kelley (I)


Waterville, Maine, USA

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David Edward Kelley



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David E. Kelly
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    • David E. Kelley: (about the show The Law Firm) I think it's a smart show and it gives our contestants a chance to excel. It's not a forum to exploit or ridicule the lawyers who are a part of this franchise, it's just the opposite. It's a place where the brightest will shine.

    • David E. Kelley: If you interview people or friends who work with me, they would say I'm private or internal or don't emote a lot. Yet I do it every day for 10 million people. I just don't do it for the 30 people I'm in the room with.

    • David E. Kelley: (on the show Boston Legal) I think this show probably, I guess, is a reflection of me a little bit, has a scream in its belly and sometimes it just feels it needs to scream.

    • David E. Kelley: If an issue isn't going to succeed on an entertainment level, we will usually pass on it. Beyond that, if we can be provocative on an intellectual or social level as well, then all the better.

    • David E. Kelley: (on reality shows) I remain as disgusted as ever at the exploitative garbage currently polluting our medium and will try not to pollute it further.

    • David E. Kelley: When the stories come easily and the writing process doesn't feel laboring, that's usually a good sign for me. When I really have to push and grope and scratch and claw to make a story work, that's a telltale sign that maybe something conceptually isn't right.

    • David E. Kelley: (when asked about story elements) You've got to honor your relationship with your audience -- that they sit down because they want to be entertained. And that doesn't mean you can't provoke them and antagonize them and challenge them in the course of the entertainment as long as you keep the entertainment part of the equation alive.

    • David E. Kelley: (when asked about writing on a show) There's a period at the beginning of a series (when) you're doing most of the writing and then you go through another period where you have the ideas and you're assigning those stories and ideas to other people and hopefully they execute them. Then, if you're lucky, you get a staff where they come into the room with their own ideas and specific takes on how to execute them and they do.

  • R for Review and R for Request

    I really loved Boston Legal. Loved the serial, apart from a few over-done acts of Gerry and Catherine. Frankly, just last week I happened to read the closings of Allen Shore (which I adored, infact; i used to wait for his closings in every episode). While reading, I wondered that no-doubt the script was tooooo good, but coupled with the delivery of James Spader, it became out of the world.

    Please Mr. Kelly, bring back Allen shore in Boston Legal II. May be something like the team separated and started practicing on their own, and now they decided to buy back Crane, Pool, and Schmidth from the chinese.moreless
  • Mr Kelley is great!

    I really love his shows like Ally McBeal and Boston Legal and they are amoung some of the best shows i have ever seen. You can really tell that David is a talanted writer becuase he has produced some amazing episodes for each of his shows. Also the fact that he wrote 99% of Ally McBeal backs up my point that he is a great writer. Seriously how can one man write every episode of a show for five years? Well all that being said i will continue to be a fan of his shows and his writing. Not too many writers like this around.moreless