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David Feiss is a well known cartoonist in the entertainment industry. Throughout the years, David has worked on such shows as Alf Tales, Dumb and Dumber, Super Secret Squirrel (from 2 Stupid Dogs), Tom and Jerry Kids, and The Jetsons Movie. It was at home, where he first developed his most popular idea. "I was getting tired of reading my little daughter a story every night, and suddenly I thought of a chicken and a cow. A chicken because they're such little funny creatures, and I chose a cow because it looks so foolish with that udder under her body. I thought it was stupid to name them Fred or something like that." After his daughter's approval, he submitted a 7-minute film entitled "No Smoking" (which later was named the Cow and Chicken separate pilot), which started the road to Cow and Chicken, which premiered July 15, 1997. Cow and Chicken's spin-off show "I Am Weasel" (which used to be a segment on Cow and Chicken) was another one of David's more popular creations. David's more recent film was "Lost Cat", which premiered summer 2000, telling the tale about an alley cat (along with his pals, Nancy Mouse, and George Lieberman the Horse) who scams his way into a permanent home.