David Franklin

David Franklin


5/7/1962, Fremantle, Western Australia

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David was inspired to act by his aunt, who was a highly respected actress in the theatre in 1960s Melbourne, Australia. His first role was in a mini-series called Loss of Innocence, about a boy growing up in Depression Era Australia. David did a two year apprenticeship with…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • David has done numerous commercials, including those for Rogaine, Tommy Cologne, Sunscape Sunglass Shops, and the Mitsubishi Mirage.

    • David is represented professionally by the firm Mollison Keightley Management.

    • David was the third and last actor to play the role of Brutus on Xena.

    • David laments the fact that Farscape ended a year sooner than it's creators intended, because they had planned to do an episode centered around his character Meeklo Braca, developing his character's back story.

    • David likes to joke that his character Meeklo Braca was like the character Smithers on The Simpsons, and Scorpius was Mr Burns. That's fine with him, because he's a big fan of The Simpsons, and watches it regularly.

    • When asked if he modeled his character of Meeklo Braca from Farscape on anyone, he said that the person who came to his mind was Alan Rickman in Galaxy Quest, because "he's got that jaded evil thing going on."

    • David's favorite role was on a miniseries called Blue Murder. It was a true story based on corruption in the New South Wales, Australia police force. David played a villain who he describes as "mad as a cut snake", that is, psycho.

    • David was greatly relieved when his character Braca was promoted to Captain on the show Farscape, because he says they gave him a new uniform that wasn't skintight like his Lieutenant's uniform. But a few months later when they did a flashback episode ("Unrealized Reality") he had to wear his old costume, and much to everyone's dismay (especially his) it no longer fit! And since they hadn't thought to try it on ahead of time they didn't have time to make any major adjustments to it, so he was forced to squeeze himself into it as best as he could.

    • David would like to eventually move into producing.

    • David was only signed for his role as Lt Braca on Farscape one day before he shot his first episode. That meant the costume department couldn't create a complete PeaceKeeper uniform for him before the shoot, so they gave him a pair of galoshes instead of proper boots, and had him wear a borrowed costume.

    • David starred as Elvis Presley in the musical Are You Lonesome Tonight?

    • While shooting The Matrix Reloaded they took a week to film the scene with David in it. They weren't sure if they wanted David's character the Maitre D' to speak English, French, or English with a French accent, so they filmed it all three ways.

    • David's least favorite part of appearing on Xena was the fake blood. It was a mixture of maple syrup, coffee, and red food coloring, and for his death scene he was forced to have a full mouthful of it. Lucy says in the episode's commentary that between takes David spent the whole time retching.

    • Franklin freely admits that he told a "little white lie" to become involved with the show. He saw Xena screening in Australia, and thought it was a cool show. So he decided that he'd really love to be on it and he got his agents to get in touch with the casting people. Unfortunately, they said, "We're not interested in taking anybody from Australia." So he flew over to New Zealand and got his agents to call up and say that he was over there for a wedding, and that he might pop in and say hello. Franklin's plan worked. They said, "While you're here, why don't you read for this character that's coming up?" So he ended up doing an audition, and they offered him the role of Brutus.

  • Quotes

    • David: (referring to his role as Braca on "Farscape") We did a flashback to when I was a lowly Lt. and discovered that my old outfit had shrunk terribly. People laughed at me. I looked like a sausage. They had to redo the belt. Three weeks more and I'll be hunky again.

    • David: ( when asked what it was like working with Rebecca Riggs) We have a blast. As I'm sure you're aware, her outfit just covers her nipples, as all good Commandant's outfits do. One day she said, 'Are they even?' and I thought she said 'Are they evil?' so I said, 'Yes, yes, they're malevolent!'

    • David: (when asked about his favorite "Farscape" moment) A moment I enjoyed was earlier on in the series, stepping over someone I just squashed into a airlocked door but being polite enough to say 'excuse me' to them as I walked over them.

    • David: (when asked what his most challenging role was) Elvis in the musical Are You Lonesome Tonight? was pretty challenging, playing a character that everybody 'knew' and making him truthful and not a caricature.

    • David: (on his fight scenes for "Xena") I had so much fun doing the fights. But I found it really hard doing it in the armour, because you're very restricted. You want to get a full movement for all that sword action to work really well, to get that style, and it's really hard when you've been turned into 'Turtle Man!'

    • David: I always seem to be cast as the villain. Maybe it's my inner self coming out- Have you seen me in the mornings? I do love exploring the dark side and hopefully the human qualities of these 'evil' characters. I LOVE playing comedy. I just don't get asked that often.

    • David: (about finding out that Farscape had been cancelled after 4 seasons) We signed contracts for season five and so I was a little disappointed. Braca was going to have his own back story episode - I would have been very interested to find out his history.

    • David: (on playing Braca on Farscape) When season one finished, I thought, 'That was fun, off we go.' And then they kept booking me for another episode, another episode, another episode. Each time I thought, 'Oh well, I'll get morphed into something, or destroyed by something, or vapour gunned.' Whatever evil thing they could think up. I have learnt one thing. Never go on a mission with Braca, because you won't come back.

    • David: (on his role as Lt Braca) I thought it was for a show called Fire Escape. I imagined I'd look pretty good in a fireman's helmet. Turned out it was for a show called Farscape. I learnt that pretty quickly. I catch on.

    • David: (on acting on Xena) It's how you would imagine acting to be like when you were 10 years old. You play dressing up and fighting, and you get paid for doing it!

    • David: (on his first day on Xena) I discovered I was going to be dragged along behind a horse by Xena! I said to the First Assistant Director that I couldn't see my stunt double's name listed. 'Oh no,' he said. 'We don't have a stunt double for you. We've got this whole rig set up behind a jeep, and we're going to drag you along with that.' I thought, 'Aargh! I want to go home!' I said that as long as the stunt coordinator did it, and I could see that it was safe, then sure, I'd do it. So he did, and I did, and it was actually a lot of fun. But it did scare the hell out of me!