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    • David and the rest of the crew of Lost shared the Writer's Guild of America award for a dramatic series in 2006.

    • David was nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series" for his work on Lost in 2005.

      The same year, he and the rest of the Lost crew shared the award for "Outstanding Drama Series."

    • David still hopes to become a comedic actor, and has managed (despite Joss Whedon's dislike of writer cameos) to appear in a few episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

    • David wrote a story for the anthology graphic novel, "Tales of the Slayers." His piece was titled, "Glittering World."

    • David's wife, Elin Hampton, is also an established writer with a number of TV credits.

    • David's mother was a model for pulp novel covers.

    • David did the voice of Jock as well as a lot of other voice-over work for the film "Raiders of the Lost Ark." The clearest voice-over line he has in the film is the voice of the pilot in Indy's getaway plane who tells him, "That's just my pet snake, Reggie."

    • David was nominated for an Emmy for his writing on the first season episode of Lost entitled "Walkabout."

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