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  • David Giammarco Trivia and BIO

    Birth Name
    David Michael Giammarco Trivia
    Some details of a top-secret film project by Giammarco and friend/producing partner Kevin Costner concerning E. Howard Hunt and the Kennedy Assassination were leaked by Rolling Stone Magazine (#1024, 1025/1026) in 2007.

    His years as an investigative journalist resulted in the National Archives in Washington requesting his extensive work on the secrets of the Cold War - and specifically the assassination of John F. Kennedy - being included into the historical collection of U.S. record.

    Has written features for The Hollywood Reporter, Playboy, Cigar Aficionado, Ocean Drive, Elle, Razor, Max, Cinefantastique, and Hello! Magazine. Also for such newspapers as The Globe & Mail, The Financial Post, The National Post, The Miami Herald, The Sydney Times, and The London Times.

    As an actor, he got his start at Toronto's famed Second City and he also studied filmmaking in his early 20s. One of the first films he wrote, directed, and starred in featured cameos from Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short, Don Rickles, Leslie Nielsen, and G. Gordon Liddy.

    Screen legend Bob Hope became a frequent guest on his radio show, often calling in "unannounced" to plug his latest TV special. Their friendship spilled off the air as well - Bob Hope even recorded a hilarious outgoing message for his answering machine.

    Began writing celebrity features for the Toronto Sun at 14 and hosting his own radio show at 16. Within a few years, his feature celebrity interviews and movie reviews were being syndicated in Canada, and soon after, to countless magazines and newspapers around the world.

    Talk Show legend Johnny Carson helped him land his first celebrity interview at age 14 with actor Sean Connery.

    Born in Toronto. Growing up, he spent his summers in Southern California and attended school in Canada.

    Senior Entertainment Reporter and Host for "E Talk Daily" since 2003.

    Is related to Amadeo Peter Giannini (A.P. Giannini), who founded the Bank of America in 1928.

    His father Michael was born in Sulmona, Italy, just outside of Rome. The well-established family owned many vineyards and olive groves in the area, and a number of members of the Giammarco family were police and law enforcement officials in Italy.

    His grandfather Giuseppe Giammarco led a famously daring escape for captured troops from a German POW camp in the throes of World War II.

    Flew around the world with Director Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise for "War of The Worlds" in 2005, with stops in Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany, Japan, America, and Mexico. In 2006, Cruise and Giammarco, along with Director J.J. Abrams, repeated the same flight plan for "Mission: Impossible 3".

    On breaks from his television series, has shot roles in films "The Pitcher & The Pin-Up", "Freddy Vs. Jason" and "James Bond: The True Story". Just finished shooting a role opposite Kevin Costner, Nathan Lane, Kelsey Grammer and Dennis Hopper in the upcoming political comedy "Swing Vote", due in theatres August 2008.