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  • I know that David will never see this but just in case you do, I want to tell you that your music is magic and your lyrics are sheer poetry.

    I wish with all my heart that David would see this. Your music is magic and your lyrics are poetry. Thank you. The first time I heard Pink Floyd (really heard it) was spending three months in the New Mexico/California/Nevada desert on a road trip in a VW camper Van (how very 60's) but it was in 1992. Your music belonged there. So beautiful, so free, undeserved, haunting. I'm glad I'll never meet you. The reality could only be a disappointment as all people usually are. I wrote this while I was there. 'Sitting on a different kind of mountaintop, feeling the wind blow through me; eyes searching an alien landscape too beautiful for words to describe. A feeling of freedom, of worlds still yet untamed. There is still a frontier, which may never be conquered, for the only thing that is here to love can only be seen by a heart that loves.'

    What a pleasure to experience a true artist. You did it, David. I'll bet it hasn't made you happy though.