David Graham (IV)


David Graham (IV) Trivia


  • Trivia

    • David has agreed to appear on Dancing With The Stars in order to save his farm in Queensland, which is affected by the drought. While he is competing on the show in Melbourne, family and friends will run the property and care for the sheep David has been struggling to feed.

    • David lost more than half of his lambs on his farm due to the drought in 2006, and one of his favourite dogs passed away while he was in the Big brother house.

    • While David was in the Big brother house, his home was broken into and hundreds of his personal photos were stolen.

  • Quotes

    • David: (on why he decided to do "Dancing With The Stars") I wanted to highlight the plight of drought stricken farmers and let people who wouldn't normally see a farmer, get to know one.

    • David: (asked if he plans on doing any more reality TV) I'm not John Howard and I'm never going to say never. I need a break for awhile though. I don't think there's any reality TV shows left for me to do anyway.

    • David: (on his struggle to keep his QLD farm during the 2007 drought) This is the worst drought ever. I'm having to sell sheep to feed the ones I have left. Once all the sheep are gone, I really don't know what we'll do. We aren't even thinking about something so terrible. If it doesn't rain in the next month, that will be it for me.

    • David: (on meeting Jamie Durie on "Dancing With The Stars") Jamie Durie - oh my God, how nerve-racking! I had a calendar (of his) once. It was probably four years out of date and still up on the wall!

    • David: (on appearing on "Dancing With The Stars") To be asked to do a show like this is nuts, but to find out you get paid for it and I am going to be able to buy some feed for my stock - I still have not got over it.

    • David: (On appearing on "Dancing With The Stars") Being on the farm is where I want to be - it is paradise up there, but when you have starving sheep you have got to do something. I woke up a couple of days ago and looked out the window and thought 'What the hell am I going to do?' but by the end of the day I had got the call and things had totally turned around. It is a godsend. It is almost as good as rain.

    • David: (on re-uniting with boyfriend Sharif outside the "BB" house) He loves the farm and we'll do what we have to do to make it work. Sharif came up for a weekend, went home for a couple of days and came straight back. The whole family really liked him - we needed a hand because I had to come to Big Brother, so they asked him to stay and work for five days.