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  • The site has British Actor, David Graham mixed up with Australian Big Brother 2006 Housemate David Graham. See website http://members.iinet.net.au/~tdbaker/David2.htm

    David was a great HM.
    To quote some David fans: I totally agree that he is not perfect, he does take himself a little too seriously at times. But he definately has a good heart, he is kind and compassionate and really seems to be always wanting to do the right thing, even if he falls short sometimes. He is very knowledgable, a lot of his stories are about things I already know about, so can tell that he is reasonably accurate, and often he is teaching me new things, or reminding me of things I'd forgotten. He really is just a great character to watch. I have been a consistent David fan from the beginning. I completely deny that he is a cunning game player. David's nature is sincere and honest. He can be didactic, to a potentially annoying degree, but that comes from his love of knowledge and imparting it. David reacts to individuals objectively, as individuals, judging them by their presenting behaviours, not as "threats". Therefore he can be disillusioned by snappiness and nasty personal attacks. He does not think of himself as a potential winner and is not seeking a media career. He already has a life which he finds fulfilling and rewarding, unlike the juvenile wannabes. I really admire him for surviving in an alien environment, as different as it can be from his outdoors farm life, based on simple, logical cause and effect, where crops' and animals' needs can be readily met though hard work and planning. Instead he finds himself in a complex houseful of **** not all of whom are female - and many of whom ARE scheming and backbiting constantly. It is not surprising that he cracks under the pressure from time to time. It is commendable that he picks himself up and presses on.