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David Gregory has a long career in the television industry, starting out as a reporter for Arizona's KGUN-TV at the tender age of 18. David attended American University, graduating in 1992, and whilst there he wrote for the school newspaper, The Eagle, and worked for the campus' TV…more


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  • Reply to 'Not a Good Host'; I think the opposite

    I'm not sure how many shows and whether cactusjack is watching David Gregory or the guests and makes his comments based on the show's guests but I do not share the thought. In fact, I think Mr. Gregory tends to support (and therefore is biased toward) Democrats. I've watched MTP since the days of Tim Russert (loved him as well) and my feeling has always been that Mr. Gregory shows overwhelming support for Democrats and progress. I don't believe that I have enough space here to provide the myriad number of examples that I believe I can list to support my beliefs. What I will say is that I really respect the shows guests today, 4/21/13, Mr. Tom Brokaw and Ms. Doris Kearns Goodwin. Mr. Brokaw broached a topic that I'm sure many in many political communities do not want to talk about. That namely is why two immigrants to the who became citizens, decided to kill Americans. Mr. Brokaw believes, as I do, that we need to explore their reasoning. Why become citizens just to kill citizens? Could be a ruse or it could be politically motivated with respect to inclusion. Similarly Ms. Kearns Goodwin also suggests reasons for America's failure to 'move forward' and attributes this to "the structure of the . Senate", where most are millionaires and primarily react (euphemism for cater) to lobbyists/special interests. Personally I think they speak so eloquently and openly the truth. We (still) need to see (even on MTP) more diversity at the highest levels. More diversity may help America to see what those that have been there from the beginning may not be seeing. The eyes wide shut approach does not seem to be working and this is not meant to suggest that earnest of intent is missing but simply something is missing. The missing something might simply be simple insight from those that see what is happening on base levels that posses the ability to communicate to levels of society that include the talk shows and government but most importantly to corporate America. MTP can be the genesis for more .....moreless
  • Not a good host.

    I don't think that this guy is a bad person. I just think that he needs to stop showing bias in favor of the Republicans. He took over a job that was once filled by ultimate moderate Tim Russert. Now that he is no longer with us, the spot went to this guy. I get sick of hearing him be so one sided that I don't bother watching the show anymore. Outside of politics, I have no clue how this guy is. I don't want to be hating so I won't rate him that low out of spite. Overall, stop showing bias dude. Thank you.moreless