David Griffin

David Griffin


7/19/1943, Richmond, Surrey, UK

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  • David Griffin joined the cast of the incredibly successful British comedy 'Keeping Up Appearances' at the beginning of the second season (1991) in the role of Emmet Hawksworth, brother of Elizabeth Warden, the Bucket's next-door neighbor.moreless

    Most people recognize David Griffin for his superb portrayal of Elizabeth's long-suffering brother, Emmett in the hilarious British comedy 'Keeping Up Appearances.' which ran from 1990-1995 and was a huge hit. The show is still regularly shown as reruns in several countries. Grifin appeared in 37 of the show's 44 episodes, the first of which was entitled 'A Strange Man.'when Emmet Hawksworth came to live with his sister after losing his house in a messy divorce. David Griffin fitted in perfectly with the rest of the ensemble cast and his comedic skills made an already excellent show even better. Poor Emmet was just as terrified of Hyacinth as his sister, and eventually became just as clumsy with coffee as she was! Emmet's career as a music teacher and his position as director of the local Amateur Operatic Society earned him a very special place in Hyacinth's heart due to the fact that she considered herself to be an excellent opera singer (this was NOT the case!) and was therefore certain that Emmet would give her a leading role in a production as soon as something befitting her talents came along ... which it never did ...

    The incredibly talented Patricia Routledge, star of stage and television, worked particularly well with the highly capable Griffin as their two characters lit up the screen with their comedic skills and hilarious interaction which kept audiences in stitches! Episodes such as 'Please Mind Your Head' and 'The Boyfriend' were excellent examples among many which showcased David Griffin's skills as a comedian and as an actor in general. Griffin has received much praise for his portrayal of Emmet from fellow cast members and critics alike. He is certainly one of the reasons for the continuing success of the show and it's unfortunate that he has virtually retired from television work since the show ended, only doing occasional guest roles.moreless