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  • Too much information.

    Bad dancer and actor. Like that he can make fun of himself.
  • I confess I love the Hoff!

    The earliest memory I have of David is of me and my Dad watching Knight Rider together back in the 80s. I was 5 and had a crush on Michael Knight. My bedroom was covered with posters of David.
    Today, he's still the most entertaining person I could name. I doubt he's ever gonna win an academy award, but that's not what's important. He's just a great guy. His flaws make him human, and he doesn't take himself too seriously (just watch the video to "Jump in my car"!).
    Besides that: yes I am German, yes I love his singing, and no, I don't think he's the reason the wall came down. ;-)
  • Come on, he is hilarious

    David Hasselhoff did Baywatch, a quite mindless show where all the cast members have to be attractive and the women with curvy shapes. But still hilarous and as Chandler and Joey from Friends treat it, a babe exhibition. He also did Knightrider, a cult classic involving a talking car! This has given Hasselhoff cult status in starring in unintensionally funny shows. Best of all, he\'s a pop star who extremely popular in Germany and sells more than the Beatles! Also that Hasselhoff laughes it himself, he\'s a laughing stock but it doesn\'t effect him. He laughes at himself too! Cult legend!
  • I know this guy. I have seen him twice in shows and movies.

    This is the guy who plays Michael Knight on Knight Rider and also supposedly made an appearance in the SpongeBob movie. He did an excellent job and can really act. Though i doo not know him much, i still think he does a great job at acting and should be an even bigger star.
  • A hero from my childhood, but still a dreadful actor.

    My rating for David Hasselhoff is raised by the fact a character of his (Micheal Knight in "Knight Ryder") was an hero of my childhood! I honestly think he is an awful actor, but he had the luck to accept or be taken for that role...and i guess many people will never forget him because of his Micheal Knight! For his ability as an actor i would have rated him less than what i scored him, we could say the role in "Knight Ryder" has been both a curse and a gift to him, since noone searched for him than for roles similar to the one in that series (even though i really think noone offered him cinema roles because of his lack of ability in acting). David Hasselhoff has found then a revival with another tv show where acting abilities weren't the most important thing: "Baywatch".