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David Hedison

David Hedison


5/20/1927, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Birth Name

Albert David Hedison Jr.



Also Known As

Ara Heditsian, Al Hedison
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Height 6'1" Spouse: Briget Hedison (28 June 1968-present) Trivia: Only actor to portray 007's friend Felix Liter twice: Live And Let Die (1973) and Licence to Kill (1989) Children are: Alexandra Mary and Serena Rose. Salary: The Fly (1958) $750/week.


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    • David Hedison: Of course, there are pictures you never want to see again -- most of the films I've made like The Fly, The Lost World, Marines Let's Go. There's a whole slew of shit I avoid like the plague and when I know they'll be on TV I have a dinner party and invite my friends over so they can't see them.

  • David started out as Al Hedison in the movies and his name was changed to David who is his middle name for Five Fingers. He was a regular in Voyage to Bottom of the Sea, and had recurring role on Colbys. He was also on Another World for some time.moreless

    One of my all time favorite actors. I got to like him during Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea on network third season. I finally saw all the episodes in syndication. I was working nights when he was on Colbys as Sir Roger Landon. He was a regular on Another World for several years. His character was a father for some of the others.Most recently he was on Young and the Restless for about a year as Arthur Hendricks who was interested in Kay Chancellor. I will never forget the time I was at lunch at work and they had the TV on. By then Y and R was only on sometimes. I was eating lunch and Y&R was on and I recognized David's voice. Before VCR getting sound tapes of TV shows was popular so you ended up learning to recognize actors from their voices. The only thing I didn't like is since I knew David without a beard I dont like it. One of the scenes I caught was Arthur with Kay and Jill trying to be peacemaker between the two. I got to meet David years ago when he had a fan club and was on tour with Neil Simon's play Chapter Two. I met David in San Diego.moreless