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  • I've loved him since That's So Raven.

    I've had a crush on David Henrie since That's So Raven. Before he didn't look his age but he grew up so much. Larry was funny. He looked his hottest in Juicer Consequences. Wizards of Waverly Place in my opinion is better than Hannah Montana. I thought he would be playing the main character but the main character is actually Alex. A lot of people think Alex and Justin should be together even though they're brother and sister. I'd like to meet him one day. It's hard to believe he got so famous and a couple of years ago no one knew who h was.
  • i love David he is so hot

    love him he is so hot and i love his eyes. if i ever met him i don't know what i would do. i wish i could hang with him. I've watched every episode of wizards of Waverly place and the movie Dadnapped. when i watch Dadnapped i wish i was Emily Osment so then he would be in love with me. i love all his pictures and how he dresses. if i was a wizard i would zap myself close to him. David's eyes are live an ocean i would want to swim in. also his smile is to die for. those lips are as hot as him. i would do anything to kiss them. he is so down to earth like me.
  • my review on david henrie

    I think David Henrie is fab, and i love his acting in thats so raven, i cant wait to see more of david on tv. i wish he was in more films, because hes gorgeous and very talented actor. the character he portrayes in thats so raven- larry is hilarious and a rock on dude, i think he should have more lines to say in tv shows alais movies as well. girls should be drooling over him other than crappy pop stars etc.
    davids hot and everything in between, your fans love you david!!!!
  • I havent really seen David in Shows other than That's So Raven. But he plays corys best friend and they both just went to High School. And the encounter a bully named The Jucier which is pretty funny since thats the only thing they call him. Talented.

    I Think David is a talented Actor. I cant beilve that no one has reviewed him yet. He has been in Episodes of Thats So Raven all of which I have seen and hes a pretty funny character. I\'m sad to report that this is the only show I\'ve seen him in. I\'m looking foward to seeing him in the future. My favorite episodes with him in it are the most recent with Cory (Kyle) and Larry (David) in High School (I think) and the Bully (The Jucier) those are some of the funniest episodes. The Pair make great comedians.