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  • Not just Michael Bolton.

    David Herman is probably best known for playing Michael Bolton on Office Space, and he was really funny in that. But he's also done a lot of voices on Futurama, King of the Hill, and American Dad. His recurring voices on Futurama were Wernstrom and Mayor Poopenmayer, and he was also the hilarious whale biologist in the 300 Big Boys episode. He's also that retarded Jimmy character on King of the Hill, who is always funny. Most recently, he shows up here and there on American Dad. He was also a cabinet member in Idiocracy, the one who keeps saying "brought to you by Carl's Jr." If you're into animated shows and like to be able to spot certain voice actors, I recommend getting familiar with David Herman.
  • Oh man, is he underrated. He doesn't have many starring roles (if any), but it's a whole lot harder to come up with so many "everyman" voices like he does so well.

    The main thing I've seen him on is Futurama, one of the greatest shows ever, and although none of his roles are major, I can't find one that isn't excellent, recognizable, and professional. His acting is natural, and like I said, he comes up with completely new, different voices for each of his characters. I can almost never tell which characters are his; I have to go look them up or listen to the DVD commentary or something. He's just so unique.

    He needs starring roles, in my opinion. This man could become a giant.