David Hernandez (II)


David Hernandez (II) Trivia


  • Trivia

    • If he could perform in any event, he would like to perform in the following: MTV Music Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, BET Awards.

    • If he had 24 hours to do whatever he wanted he would like to spend it in a room with his friends and family.

    • His roommate during the 7th Season of American Idol was Chikezie.

    • The person he would want to meet the most is Alicia Keys.

    • If there were things he could change about himself, he would change his impatience and insecurities.

    • The toughest obstacle in his life is trying to be recognized for his talent.

    • During a photo shoot he once did, he had a tiny booger in his nose.

    • His proudest moment in his life is making the top 24 of American Idol and feeling like he's actually going somewhere.

    • If he couldn't sing, he would like to be talented in dancing.

    • He thinks people would be surprised to know that he was raised by a single mom who was struggling to make ends meet and that he lives in his car after he gave up his apartment to move to Hollywood.

    • List of Songs Sung on American Idol:
      February 19, 2008 - In the Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett
      February 26, 2008 - Papa Was a Rollin' Stone by The Undisputed Truth
      March 4, 2008 - It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Pandora's Box
      March 11, 2008 - I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles
      March 12, 2008 - I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles (Eliminated)

    • His good luck charm is the memory of his late grandmother, Linda Ramsey.

    • His goal in life is to be successful in the music industry.

    • He thinks his friends would be surprised that he owns a copy of Dixie Chicks's album.

    • Before performing, he always drinks water or chew gum to keep his mouth moist.

    • The most embarrassing moment in his life was when he fell and tripped on stage in a big venue.

    • His musical influences are Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Alicia Keys, Anthony Hamilton, Michael Jackson and Peabo Bryson.

    • His audition number for American Idol was 4713.

    • Favorites:
      Quote: "Believe it, and you'll see it. Know it and you'll be it.
      Male Pop Star: Stevie Wonder, Peabo Bryson.
      Female Pop Star: Alicia Keys.
      American Idol: Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia.
      American Idol Moment: When Fantasia won.

  • Quotes

    • David (on if David Archuleta and he were close): Definitely David Archuleta and Chikezie and Luke and Asia'h. I just talked to her today.

    • David (on how he felt about David Archuleta having a bad performance): I gave him a big hug when he got off stage. He's a really sweet kid. When anybody does bad in that group, we always feel for them. When I got offstage last night, David came up to me and said, ''Don't worry about it. Your vocals were amazing.''

    • David (about how ironic it is that he and Chikezie are so close, but Chikezie almost went home last week and he went home this week): Yeah, we flip-flopped. We talked about it on Tuesday night. Like, you're only as good as your next performance.

    • David (on what he did after he was eliminated from American Idol): I had a good cry. The journey is over. But a new journey will begin.

    • David (on Elisabeth Hasselbeck defending him after her was eliminated from American Idol): Um, well, thank you, Elisabeth, for having my back. I love her to death and I think she's amazing. I would like to think it's a legitimate contest. To be honest, everyone has skeletons in their closet. I'm not ashamed of anything in my past. I am fully aware of people's opinions on stuff like that. The only person I have to answer to is myself and God.

    • David (on if he planned to sing anything else besides "I Saw Her Standing There" on American Idol): Yeah, between that and Got To Get You Into My Life and Let It Be. I Saw Her Standing There was my third choice. But if two contestants pick the same song, we pull out of a hat. That's why I say things work out the way they're supposed to. I didn't get the song I originally wanted to sing. I was meant to sing this.

    • David (on if he regretted singing "I Saw Her Standing There" on American Idol): I'm a balladeer. But I'd like to think I can do fast songs. I did ''Papa Was a Rolling Stone.'' Do I wish I had chosen another song? In retrospect, yeah. But shoulda, coulda, would'a.... What's that really going to do for me? Positive is the only way to be.

    • David (on if he proposed a partnership with David Foster when Foster performed on American Idol): I went up to him and shook his hand and said, ''You're amazing. I would love one day to work with you.'' He's been one of my biggest idols. He was like, ''We'll see what happens.''

    • David (on why he was optimistic when they said he would be in the bottom 3 of American Idol): I really thought that I was going to be in the bottom three - I definitely expected that - but I didn't think I was going to go home. After everything the judges said about my having brilliant vocals and having one of the best voices of the season? I don't know. Things happen for a reason. think there's another door that's going to open. There's something coming up for me that's going to be big. I'd like to have a major record deal and I'd like to have my album out in the next year. I'd like to do something with Alicia Keys and [producer] David Foster. This can't be the end for me.

    • David (on if he would recommend American idol to aspiring singers): Absolutely, I mean even being in the Top 24 is a huge honor. You have to realize that even in the Top 24, millions of people are watching you. I used to dream about having a fan base of a thousand people; now I have I don't know how many millions of people that would go out and support me and come to a concert.

    • David (on what he missed most from his time before Idol): I'm looking forward to eating pork-flavored ramen noodles and having a deep, deep breath away from the paparazzi. I am definitely excited about that. I just want to go to my mom's house and lay on the couch with her cats for like 48 hours and watch nonsense TV.

    • David (on what his first album will sound like): My first album's definitely going to be pop, R&B-influenced. I would like to collaborate with people like Alicia Keys, David Foster. Also, I would like to write my own songs on the album. It's definitely going to [have] an eclectic vibe, I'd like to put a little rock R&B in there too. That's kind of the image I put out there -- more of an urban R&B, grit and grime singer.

    • David (on what he plans to do after Idol): I'm going to shop around a record deal. I'm looking at labels who are interested in me right now and would like to have an album released in the next year. And I'm definitely keeping my mind open to ... other options. I'd love to do Broadway.

    • David (on what songs he wanted to sing on the show): I wanted to sing 'I Believe I Can Fly.' That's one of my favorite songs, it's kind of a staple of mine. And I was actually getting ready to sing 'Ain't Nobody' by Chaka Khan, make it my own little version. And then 'Yesterday' by The Beatles [for the second Beatles week].

    • David (on if he and Chikezie were competitive on American Idol): No way. We really encouraged each other from the beginning. We went through the first auditions together and ended up being roommates to the end. We would listen to the other and critique each other. Even though it was a competition, we were still best friends. We both have very different voices -- he's more like a soul [singer], I'm more like an R&B [singer].

    • David (on if taking a class on The Beatles made it easier to sing their songs): With The Beatles, it's really tough to cover them -- like it's hard to cover a Whitney [Houston] or a Celine [Dion] song. It's very challenging because people already have it set in their minds how it's supposed to sound. It's hard to change it and make it your own. I did the best I could and I kind of made it my own. Just because I took [the class] doesn't mean I was going to sing the song any better.

    • David (on what he thought about when Elisabeth Hasselback called his elimination from American Idol a conspiracy): Well, first of all, I'd like to thank Elisabeth for defending me and feeling that I was eliminated a little prematurely. But I don't like to speculate about that stuff because I like to have faith in 'Idol.' They've given me this huge platform and I totally respect everything they do on that show. I'd like to think that America voted on me and it was legitimate.

    • David (on if he was shocked when he was elimination from American Idol): I was genuinely shocked. I really didn't think I'd be going home. Honestly, based on all the things the judges have said about my vocals, I thought that I'd definitely be in the bottom three, but I didn't feel like I deserved to go home. But like I said on the show, everything happened for a reason.

    • David (on if he thinks his past as a stripper caused his elimination from American Idol): No, I really don't think so. I actually believe that it was based on song selection. I think America is smart enough to know by now that people's personal lives should not influence their musical career. In this industry, you really have to have thick skin. If this is the worst thing that people say about me in my career, then I think that I'll be OK.

    • David (when asked about the controversy of his past): I think America's judging us all off of our voices right now. Obviously they were, because I'm still in the Top 12, thank God. So I'm not really concerned with what's going on [with those reports]. I'm just focused on singing, because that's what I'm here to do.

    • David (his most embarrassing moment on stage): Well when you've been doing it since you were six there's got to be a lot of embarrassing moments, I can't even count them you know. Maybe like an outfit ripped or something or falling off the stage, that's a good one, I did that a couple of times, just falling off the stage, that's pretty intense. I tripped over a monitor, that's embarrassing.

    • David (on the weirdest thing he has ever eaten): My sophomore year in high school I went to the prom with this junior girl and we went to this restaurant, we had escargot. I don't know, I wanted it to bee fancy or something, it was horrible.

    • David (on his most interesting job): I sold knives. I used to go to this college in Tusan, Tusan, Arizona and I needed a job really bad, I had a car payment, so I went to this agency that was hiring, they just said, "Hiring now for sales," I didn't know what it was about, so I get there end it was like all these knivs, I thought I was going to be killed or something and then they were just like, "Well, we want you to sell knives at the houses." That was horrible, driving to houses and trying to sell like three or four thousand dollar knives to people, no one wants to buy that, it was just crazy.

    • David: My family has basically helped me from the gid, my dad actually is a truck driver, he owns his own business and he knows how I have just been struggling the last four years with just getting closer and closer to fulfilling it. He just fixed the breaks on my car the other day for free and I love that I just had to drop it off and he fixed it, I didn't even have to be there for it, he let me use his truck when I was moving some of my stuff out of my apartment, he gives me money when I need it you know if I really, really need it.I hate asking, it's hard for me to take money from people, but he helps me out. My mom has just been a supporter; she's there at like every event. My little sister is like eight years younger than me and she has like this little poster in her room and it says that I'm her favorite singer, that's pretty cool.

    • David: People would be surprised to learn that three days ago, I sold the lease for my apartment and sold all the furniture for six hundred bucks, put all my clothes in my car, so I kinda' just stayed with friends until I came into the final auditions for American Idol and so when I leave here, I guess I'll be leaving out of my car for a while.

    • David: Being the next American Idol would kinda' enable me to pursue my dreams of being a singer and making records, like I said I've been singing since I was a kid and it comes from my heart and my soul, it's a way that I express myself, so I think I have a lot to give musically and you know, to the world, people can be touched with, I mean I write my own musical as well, so it would be awesome.

    • David: If I don't become the next American Idol, I'll probably just go back to recording and take a shot at another demo and try to get a major deal.

    • David (regarding which previous "American Idol" contestant he thought he was like): You know what; I can't really put myself in a category with any other contestant. I think that's what's cool with American Idol is that every year they're so different, I don't think I would be a good contestant for American Idol if I seemed like the ones that won. I think I fit into my own little, my own little thing and I think that that's what stands out.

    • David: My favorite all around performer I would say is Alicia Keys. She's awesome, she writes incredible lyrics, she performs and you can tell when she's singing that it's coming straight from her soul and on top of that I mean, her voice is amazing to me. You can hear like the pain if it's a painful song. Her latest album is incredible I just, I love her, she's great.

    • David: Some of my other talents actually are acting, I like to act. I was in an independent film that was actually distributed for a little while and then it was pulled off the shelves, but that was a cool experience, and you know, musicals.

    • David: I started singing when I was six. My mom sent me to audition for some musicals for this company in Phoenix and I landed a couple of lead roles and then that's when I found out I could sing. At first I was just kinda' acting and that's when I started singing, so I kept going from there.

    • David: When I made it to the top 24, I was ecstatic, I was crying and I was freaked out. When I started coming down the elevator I was crying already, so when I came out of the doors and my friends were out there, they were just kinda' like, they didn't know I was gonna come out and I just came flying out and then I was crying, it was exciting.