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    • David: My family has basically helped me from the gid, my dad actually is a truck driver, he owns his own business and he knows how I have just been struggling the last four years with just getting closer and closer to fulfilling it. He just fixed the breaks on my car the other day for free and I love that I just had to drop it off and he fixed it, I didn't even have to be there for it, he let me use his truck when I was moving some of my stuff out of my apartment, he gives me money when I need it you know if I really, really need it.I hate asking, it's hard for me to take money from people, but he helps me out. My mom has just been a supporter; she's there at like every event. My little sister is like eight years younger than me and she has like this little poster in her room and it says that I'm her favorite singer, that's pretty cool.