David Hewlett





4/18/1968 , Redhill, Surrey, England, UK

Birth Name

David Ian Hewlett




David Hewlett was born on April 18th, 1968 in Redhill, Surrey, UK, but he was raised in Canada. He is the oldest of 5 siblings, he's got 4 younger sisters, two of which are named Kate and Moyra.

The high school he attended was Toronto's St. George's College Choir School for Boys. David got his first computer, a Commodore 64, in his mid-teens. After dropping out of high school he became both an actor and an internet entrepreneur. He never attended any higher education institutions, which means he's an self-taught actor and computer geek. In high school he became friends with Vincenzo Natali, and later David appeared in 3 of his films; Cube, Nothing and Cypher. In the late 1980s he got roles in low budget horror movies such as Friday the 13th and The Dark Side (1987). Simultaneously he earned his living as an employee at the messaging network Voice-Tell Canada for two years.

At one time he ran a website design firm called Darkyl Media, and he founded fusefilm.com, an internet community for filmmakers.

In 1996, Hewlett got a role on the Canadian series Traders as Grant Jansky. He's got two Gemini nominations Best Performance in a Featured Supporting Role (Canadian equivalent to Emmies) for his role as Grant Jansky on Traders. He married actress Soo Garay in 2000. In 2001 David and Soo moved to Los Angeles to further their acting careers. Hewlett got a high-profile role in an episode of ER. In 2004, David and Soo divorced. In 2004 He got the role of scientist Rodney McKay on Stargate Atlantis.

In between jobs, he spends his time doing "a lot of nothing, a lot of hobbies." He made his own film A Dog's Breakfast a comedy which he wrote, directed and acted in. On October 6, 2007 his son Sebastian Flynn Loughman Hewlett was born. He has recently become an American Citizen and on June 21, 2008 married Jane Loughman in Warwick Castle in the UK.
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