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  • David Hews appeared on the first series of Shipwrecked in 2000. He was one of sixteen young people left stranded on a desert island in the South Pacific for three months and left to fend for themselves.moreless

    The first series of Shipwrecked was made in 2000 for Channel Four but subsequently shown worldwide on various Satellite Channels.

    It depicted a group of 16 young people from the ages of 18-25, who were selected from thousands of applicants in the first episode, then flown out to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific.

    After a week of survival training from the local inhabitants, the group were taken to a small island and left there for three months to fend for themselves.

    Surviving on a diet of rice and water, the group were left to build their own shelters and learn to get along with each other as best they could.

    In the 7th episode David famously escaped from the island on a small makeshift boat. On arriving at a neighbouring island, he managed to stow-away on a tourist boat and was later found recuperating in a 5-star hotel on the mainland.moreless