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  • Trivia

    • He is featured on the cover of "Smoke" magazine, in the Summer 2007 issue.

    • In July of 2007, he was inducted to the "Milton Walk of Fame" in his hometown of Milton, Ontario.

    • David hates flying, but in the series JAG, he played an ex fighter pilot, who's addicted to flying.

    • When at home, David J. Elliott often wakes up early to make his daughter Stephanie pancakes with happy faces.

    • David James Elliott was cast in a pilot for ABC called 60 Minute Man. The drama was from Touchstone and was about a man who couldn't remember 1 hour of each day. ABC chose not to air it.

    • In 2000 JAG, which David stars in, was nominated for an E Pluribus Unum Award by the American Cinema Foundation.

    • The series JAG starring David James Elliott won the 2001 Imagen Foundation Award for Primetime Television Series.

    • The series JAG starring David James Elliott won the ASCAP Award for Top TV Series in 2000, 2003 & 2004.

    • He won a 2000 TV Guide Award as Favorite Actor in a Drama.

    • In 2001 the TV Guide Awards nominated him as Actor of the Year in a Drama Series.

    • He became interested in acting after reading King Lear in high school.

    • He was originally signed to do three episodes of Street Legal but he was kept on as a regular, and considered for a lead part in a spin-off.

    • He made his directorial debut in 2001 directing the JAG episode "Lifeline".

    • He once won a Jean Chalmers Award for Most Promising Actor.

    • Although he grew up in Ontario, he spent a lot of time in the Bahamas, where many relatives on his father's side live.

    • He spent two years as a member of the Young Company at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Stratford, Ontario.

    • Before acting, David once worked in a belt factory.

    • He starred in a TV movie in Canada titled The Man Who Lost Himself based on the true story of a Canadian football player who lost his memory due to severe head injury in a automobile accident.

    • After a few years on JAG David re-married his wife (in 1999) since they didn't have enough money to have a decent wedding when they originally married in 1992.

    • Both he and his wife have become naturalized American citizens.

    • He is married to Canadian born actress Nanci Chambers.

    • He had his own band in high school, dropping out for a period of time to play full time with the band.

    • He is 6' 4" tall.

    • Along with Sam Elliott, David James Elliott received an Audie Murphy Theatrical Award at the Ninth Annual Veteran Awards Ceremony in 2003.

    • David and Nanci's daughter, Stephanie, was born 15 March 1993.
      David and Nanci's son, Wyatt, was born March 3, 2003

    • He is the second of three sons of Arnold Smith, a heating and plumbing wholesaler-contractor, and his wife, Pat, an office manager.

    • He attended Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Ontario.

    • David's early interest was in music - rock 'n roll music. He was front man for a band. David briefly quit high school to play with the band full time. Went back to finish high school at 19.

    • Chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world [1996].

    • He is married to Nanci Chambers, who played Lt. Loren Singer on JAG.

    • David is the JAG correspondent for "Entertainment Tonight", previewing each week's new episode.

  • Quotes

    • David: I was in rock and roll for a while and I had been bitten by the performance bug, it seemed to be my calling, in my soul.

    • David: (about his military haircut for "JAG") The one upside of that short hair was I never wore a cap when I was swimming.

    • David: (about his father) I hope he would have loved it. I'm talking to him a lot, so I believe he's helping me through this. I loved my dad.