David Jason

David Jason


2/2/1940, Edmonton, London, England, UK

Birth Name

David John White


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David Jason was born in Edmonton, and raised in North Finchley. He trained in school to be an electrician before he got his way into a repertory theatre. He took his stage name from his twin brother Jason White, who sadly died at Birth. David Jason over his…more


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    • David: I'm getting fed up of living away from home so much. They look after you very well but it doesn't matter how well you're looked after, how nice the hotel is, if you're away from home constantly, the bloody dog savages you, thinks you're a stranger, the kid cries and the wife's stuck to your face!

    • David: Perhaps being a character actor on radio was, in retrospect, the best training I could get.

    • David: It was a long time before TV wanted me - I would have had to commit murder to get a part on the box at one time.

    • David: I've done my fair share of waiting on tables in restaurants, cleaning cars, whatever. I was even an electrician at one time, and I've done my fair bit of decorating, too. But slowly my fortunes changed.

    • David: I've never ever 'felt my age', whatever that means. I think that there are a lot of people who feel 22 when in fact they're 62, and there are a lot of youngsters out there who behave as if they were four times their age. It's an attitude of mind, isn't it?

    • David: Marriage is like throwing yourself into a river when you only wanted a drink of water.

    • David: I've been fascinated by deep sea diving since watching Jacques Cousteau's TV programmes as a lad.

  • David Jason - Darling buds of may,Only falls & horses,Touch of Frost,Count Duckular.

    Brilliant!My absolute favorite television personality.

    He brings hilarious mannerisms to each of his roles. A wonderful warm-hearted performer. I enjoy watching him.

    He is a true Entertainer.

    Plays a more gritty role sometimes in A touch of Frost,and proves his acting range with the distinct character differences from Derrick Trotter to the nutty Count Duckular.

    What a classic! Just for a bit of trivia, according to a stint on Michael Parkinson he even got his Helicopter pilot licence in real life and became a first time father, all in his 60's.

    He's a true television legend, right up there alongside John Cleese,Ronny Barker,Spike Milligan & Dawn French. I love him!moreless