David Julian Levi

David Julian Levi



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David Julian Levi


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David has been playing keyboards since pre-school. He is usually found hanging out with Thomas and Qaasim. David is an original member of The Silver Boulders Band and began playing the keyboards in the band at pre-school while attending Beginnings school. Has a reputation as being the politest…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • i think he is pretty awesome. he is my favourite out of the whole badn even though i love them all. i think that he is realy talented.

    i think david is really cool. i like the naked brothers band heaps but i think he is my favourite. i think that he is really talented on the keyboard and that he is a really great actor. i love his glasses too. he is pretty much awesome. i really hope that the naked brothers band comes to australia. i love the photos of him doing that cool sign with his hands. i hope that i can meet him one day. i think all the facts about him really helped because now i know how old he is n stuff. i think that he would be the politested* out of the whole band becuase you could just tell.moreless
  • Well David Levi is deffinatly a total cute and a pretty good actor.and an awesome keyboardest..i totally think he deserved the 10 that i gave him!

    Well David Levi is deffinatly a total cutie and a pretty good actor. and an awesome keyboardest..i totally think he deserved the ten that i gave him. i hope that in the future he does more acting and maybe even more..uhh..i guess keyboarding..haha..he is currently doing thing with the rest of his band the naked brothers band tv show. his new dvd has come out today. or at least its today for me. the offical release date is april 3 of 2007 f.y.i.moreless