David Kaufman

David Kaufman


7/23/1969, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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David Kaufman began acting at a young age in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, when his kindergarten teacher handed him the plum lead role of Santa Claus in the class Christmas play. He is the oldest of two brothers, a sister, a step-brother and a step-sister. At…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • His daughter is a Taurus.

    • David Kaufman's 1st cousin once removed, Dave Adams, is a renowned comic. He resides in New York, frequenting comedy Clubs. he attends Columbia University.

    • David starred in a cameo role in Pearl Harbor as the "Nervous Young Doctor."

    • David and his wife, Lisa Picotte, have guest starred together as either boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife in several shows, including Highway to Heaven, Wings, and Step By Step.

    • David's daughter, Grace Kaufman, was born on April 29th, 2002. She is 5 years old.

    • David owns an "Eight Ball Eddie's" vintage shirt.

    • David said in an interview that the hardest part about playing Danny Phantom is having to drive through L.A. traffic nearly every morning.

    • He and young actor Daniel Radcliffe (most well-known for the plumb role of Harry Potter) share the same birthday: July 23rd. This could possibly tie in slightly with the fact that the full name of a character that he plays is Danny from Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom.

    • He and a fellow cast member, Grey DeLisle, share the same zodiac sign: Leo. Grey DeLisle is the voice of Sam Manson on Danny Phantom.

    • His zodiac sign is Leo.

    • His birthday is on July 23rd.

    • David says he used to like to hold seances with his friends when he was a kid, which is actually rather ironic in a way, because he's the voice of half-ghost teenager Danny Fenton/Phantom in Butch Hartman's animated TV series.

    • Once again provided the voice of Jimmy Olsen, this time for Superman: Brainiac Attacks. This movie premiered on Cartoon Network's Toonami block June 17, 2006 and will see a DVD release three days later on June 20th.

    • He and his real-life wife Lisa Picotte have guest-starred together on several series, including "Highway to Heaven" (playing boyfriend and girlfriend), as well as playing husband and wife in "Wings" and "Step by Step."

    • Daughter, Grace Kaufman, born in Los Angeles (April 29, 2002).

    • He has twice provided the voice for a character in an animated series that was originally played by Michael J. Fox in the original film - Marty McFly in "Back to the Future" (1991) and Stuart Little in "Stuart Little" (2003).

    • Is the voice of the penguin on the Kid Cuisine commercials.

    • David portrayed the voice of Johnny Storm and the Human Torch in Ultimate Spider-Man.

  • Quotes

    • David Kaufman: (about which type of work does he enjoy the most) I guess you can tell that I probably enjoy theater the most. But the perfectionist in me loves working in film and television, where you get the chance to do it over and over until it's JUST right.

    • David Kaufman: (about what he does if he has spare time) I love traveling and visiting all the places that I had to sit in history class and read about. I also love playing games, especially card games. I grew up playing games with my family, especially my grandma, so now I love trying to massacre my friends in Yahtzee, Hearts, Poker, Mah Jong, Monopoly -- you name it. We're very competitive! And of course, spending time with my wife and daughter. There's nothing better than taking our daughter to the park and hanging out on the swings.

    • David Kaufman: (about the best part of voice acting) The best part of voice acting in general? Being able to go to the gym an hour before a recording session, just throwing a baseball cap on, and heading off to work! (Oops. Forgot about the traffic. Better make that two hours before a recording session.) But really, I would say the best part about it is the ability to play a much wider range of characters than I'm "allowed" to play on camera. I haven't been able to play 14-15 years old on-camera in...ahem...a while. And I don't plan on being able to play 60 years old for a long time. But get me in front of a microphone, and I'm able to do both!

    • David Kaufman: (about when did he decide to get into voice acting) I actually fell into voice acting as a fluke. I've done mostly on-camera work in my career -- a few television series, some feature work, lots of guest star work and commercials, and theater of course. One day I was at an audition for an on-camera commercial, and the casting director, Danny Goldman, asked me if I wanted to audition for a cartoon. It was to play the voice of Marty McFly in the CBS animated series "Back To The Future". I auditioned, got the part, and the rest is history, as they say. Voiceover work became a big part of my career.

  • question for David Kaufman

    Why did danny phantom get canceled? I really want to know i was so devistated when i found out it was canceled.
  • he's an awesome dude!

    to Butch Hartman, Great job picking him as Danny! i can't think anyone else to do it. if Andy Berman did him, it would have been awkward for everyone. and if Dan Green did him, he'd sound a lot older than 14. ( Sorry, I'm thinking of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged! )

    did did he really Marty Mcfly in the animated series? that would have been kind of weird, but what do i know, i was born in 95, so i didn't see the show.

    I can't believe he's the Kid Cuisine Penguin. THAT could have been Andy Berman, but i digress. he, like Richard Horvitz,got to voice along with Grey, the greatest actress ever.moreless