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  • Extraordinary variety in his wonderful voice...

    In his Star Trek Audiobook readings, he shows remarkable variety in his voice and acting ability. But my most favorite of his roles is, of course, Sesshomaru. Between the artist and David's voice, Sesshomaru is the ultimate male of any being (drool). My husband loves what my Sesshomaru fantasies do for us in private. I listen to the Star Trek audios way too often just to hear his voice. I love the particular way he says words with 'r' in them - very distinctive. And the depth of his voice...sigh. I do believe I could pick out his voice from any other by now.
    I may be turning 50 this year, but I can still dream...
    Thank you, David, for your wonderful voice...
  • With a deep demanding voice, David Kaye is one of this generations most notable and recgonized voice actors.

    With a deep demanding voice, David Kaye is one of this generations most notable and recgonized voice actors. David has a versitile range, and an ability unrivaled in today's buisness. His biggest break came with Beast Wars, voiceing the manical Megatron. With protraying Megatron, he took Frank Welker's Iconic performance from G1, and added an until then, an unseen depth to the character. Megatron II is so much more than just a character, with David's performance, you believe Megatron is a sociopathic, megalomaniac, who's insane ambitions will destory everything around him. David is one of the reasons personally why I became a writer, and I wouldn't be surprised, if he also inspired alot of other fans to go into the buisness as either an actor or writer. Since then, he has been a major presence in the last decade. This man can do it all, and then some, hopefully he will be intertaining us for generations to come.
  • I Love him as Sesshomaru. He has such a sexy voice it makes me get goose bumps. Just looking at Sesshomaru on the shows is so awesome! I wish that i could only meet David Kaye in real life, ^_^! Sesshomaru Rulez and don\'t let anyone tell you different!!!

    I Love Sesshomaru! He Rulez the Show Inuyasha and everyone in it! I still wonder why he wears flowers on his kimonos though. i mean it is why everyone thinks his gay but oh well; Sesshomaru great and i know it and that\'s all that matters to me, anyway. Long live Sesshomaru! Rock hard Dude_Sesshomaru! lol.

    See ya later dudes! ^_^
  • David Raye is one of my favorite voice actors in the whole world...he is soooo talented. Love him. Total fangirl moment right here: he had the total most sexiest voice when doing Sesshomaru on InuYasha!! David Raye = Yay!

    I dont know much about him. Other than I guess he was born in 1964. He is a terrific voice actor, but unfortunately, I only know from experience his Sesshomaru character. His voice fits Sesshomaru so very well. Though some people might not agree, voice acting is just as hard if not harder than real acting...(for reasons which I wont go into right now), and I think that David Raye just takes it so far. He matches his characters perfectly, as in, when you see a character like Sesshomaru, you expect a certain voice for him, and I think that David Raye just does the best job at matching that fantasy voice. Bring it to life man!
  • David once said that he mimiced certain characters when he was in school. Today, he works on the shows "MegaMan: NT Warrior" (ProtoMan, ThunderMan, etc.) , "Inuyasha" (Sesshomaru), "Transformers: Cybertron" (Megatron)

    I gotta say that David Kaye has one of the smootest acting voices of all time! In fact, I am easily swooned when I hear his voice in any anime. I can imagine having a strong acting voice. Believe me, I've been in a few school plays.
    To be honest with you, I have wanna confess two things:
    1. I sorta have a crush on him.
    2. We both mimic certain cartoon characters.
  • David Kaye's work cover the whole spectrum. He does heroes, villians and all the stuff in between. That deep, cool voice of his sets hearts aflutter every time!

    This guy is just plain gifted! That smooth and cool voice of his somehow always manages to convey just the perfect emotion for the moment! Be it cool indifferance (Which I think he does best!) or remorse or worry or whatever else one can think of. Kaye takes whatever charater that is given to him and makes it completely his own. For example: can anyone picture a different voice on Transformers/ Beast wars/ Beast Machines' Megatron? Or a different Sesshomaru? Of course not! Also the fact that he can make a believable villian like Megatron but also the epitome of heroism like Professor X? Clearly he's good!
  • David is AWESOME!!!!

    David Kaye is an awesome person.

    He has one of the best voices i\'ve ever heard.

    David is one of the best voice talents ever in my opinion.

    He has a voice that is indescibibly sexy, silky- yet- rough, tame- yet- wild, sweet- yet- harsh,

    sensitive, and passionate.

    David seems to be great at anything he does. I\'ve only seen him in a few anime cartoons, but

    i have totally fallen in love with his voice. I believe he is one of the greats, and is totally

    ahead of his time. He totally rocks! I would love to meet this AWESOME man someday. I

    know since i haven\'t met him i can\'t truly say what kind of person he is, but in my heart i

    believe he is a kind, sweet, and truly sexy person.

    With Love and Best Wishes,

  • David Kaye is a man with perhaps the best reputation as a voice actor and millions of fans constantly in lookout for new roles he plays in. Two of his most famous roles were Rao in Gundam Seed and Sesshomaru in Inuyasha, both unusual characters holding t

    He's unbelievably talented, and has the voice that captures attention, even for characters such as Sesshomaru in Inuyasha who is one of the least talkative characters of all time. He tends to star for characters with somewhat of a dark side or an evil side, and his voice always was so expressive and perfect for the roles of the ones who have hidden secrets and intriguing ways.