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  • Highly Underrated Comedic Talent

    David Koechner's a highly capable yet underrated improvisational and physical comedian. Most in the status quo know him to be the "bombastic" guy who talks amusingly out the side of his mouth, but in actuality the guys got so much more to offer that it pains me to no end that he doesn't get more recognition.

    Recently Dave was the “My Bad” or “Boner Guy” on Comedy Central’s Last Laugh 2005 skit, in which he plays the guy who takes the blame for the president’s “boners”. I find most people recognize him either from his ephemeral stint on Saturday Night Live or from his role as sportscaster, Champ Kind in Anchorman. I became familiar with him from his latter performance, which I found to be hilarious.

    I understand that a person’s sense of humor is a varied animal and that its gonna be a rare day in hell that you find someone with the same exact sense of humor as yourself. So speaking for myself, I’ve always found Dave to be funny as hell. Its his aforementioned bombastic nature I’ve always found endearing. You give him enough room to play around in and he rarely disappoints.

    He also seems to have good chemistry with both Will Ferrell and Steve Carell whom he’s worked multiple times with and plays well off of. (Ferrell on Anchorman and the forthcoming High, Wide and Handsome and The Office with Carell .)

    Adding further dimensionality to his talents, those familiar with David’s musical act The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show (Think Tenacious D’s irreverent humor mixed with Clarence Clearwater Revival mixed with a lil’ Jack Kerouac Stream O’ Conciousness and political relevance thrown in.) undoubtedly know that most are missing out on an underrated individual.

    Dave’s always put a smile on my face, even through the hard times that most of us working stiffs can relate to and I hope that in the future he has more opportunities to share his knack for making people like me laugh with others that need it too. Good Luck Dave with the career and thanks for the stupid smile I got plastered on my face.