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  • charlie epps

    I love the guy that palys charlie epps,he a great actor,he my favorite on the show keep up the great work!!!:)love the show numbers!!:)
  • Beauty plus Talent!

    David: what can be said about him. He is a GOD! He is absolutely brilliant. He is completely talented, a great, great actor, and a great person. He is so happy-go-lucky. He is also comepltely hot! He has a great body, and his hair is absolutely perfect. It's so beautiful. David Krumholts also has the coolest name! Krumholts! How cool is that? lol. But still, he does an perfectly awesome job on the TV show Numb3rs. The ability to act as if you understand something is not so easy, and since avid himself was never really good at Mathematics, and then to do a show that has based itself all on solving crimes with Mathematics... to be able toa ct that out, it's great. David is a talented person. One of my all-time favourite actors!
  • David Krumholtz is an extremely talented Actor, who has proven to be one of Americas finest. Enchanting smile to.

    David Krumholtz is an extremely talented Actor, who has proven to be one of Americas finest. He has worked hard to get were he is, and through everything, has come out on top. Talant's that should not be wasted. His best hit for me is as his role of Charlie Eppes in numb3rs, of which he is the fantastic Mathamatition. He deserves a lot of credit for his hard work, and I recon some people do not appreciate his hard work quite enough and take it for granted. If I had talent like him, I would want the world to know, and I hope someday, people will look back through the history books and remember him for the excellet, funny, talanted cute person he is, was and will ever be. Live Life to the limit, never look back to the past, except to remember the good times.
  • Hugely Talented Actor, dont see nearly enough of him. Look forward to see his other projects, soon. Huge Fan.

    Very Talented actor, and georgeous too!
    Would love to see him act live in theatre in the UK. why does it take so long for the DVDs to come over to the uk? left hanging on here! with the Season 5 of Numbers. It is such a shame that the shows episodes have been reduced to sixteen. But we all have to move on and upward i sincerely hope.
    Cant wait to see him in his next project with Ron Howard,hopefully it wont take so long to come to the uk.
    yes i did warn you all i am a huge fan!!!
  • david is a fantastc acter

    when i fast saw the show numb3rs i fell in love wiv charlie aka david and i thort i saw him in some thing els but i cold not put my finger on what then 1 day i wach the santa colows film and i saw him in it and i lmao but them i finest lmao i started thinking what a good acter he is coz of he can play a elf and a mathmatishen he must be a good acter also he has been in things like super bad and he was good in that too to summary david is a fantastc acter and i hope he keeps beening fantastc till next time
  • Bernard the Elf Rocks!

    David is a Great Actor and I've only seen him in Both The Santa Clause 1 & 2 (I Have yet to see The Santa Clause 3) I Think he's doing a Fantastic Job In "Numb3rs" and I hope he dose more movies man he's a great Actor.

    David and Rob Play off each other great as well with Judd Hirsch.
  • Amazing transformation!

    It is incredible how he went from being a supporting actor, who was easily overlooked, because he always seemed small and sort of dorky to the MAN he is in Numbers. He is a total hottie now! And he shows such personality in this role! He is fabulous! And as for his quote about every woman over 40 wants him - I am late twenties and he can have my number!!
  • hes great at his show!

    okay david krimholtz is awesome. he speaks so eloquently about math in numb3rs but he has even said that he thought he was going to fail his algebra class! so being charlie eppes probably comes with challenges for david. i think he is a great actor and if he really tried to become a famous actor he can! but for now, it looks like david is just going to stay in numb3rs but til then i want to see him in a movie or something. i mean that would be the day but koay watch numb3rs on cbs on fridays at 10 pm
  • David Krumholtz...what can I say about him? Oh, he takes my breath away! Such a hottie and very talented!

    David Krumholtz is my favorite actor, not just because he is super hot! But, because he is so talented! Back in his younger acting years, I thought he was a total nerd, but now he is well...a nerd, but hotter! Too bad, he will not be in the Santa Clause 3, I sure will miss him as the head-elf, Bernard! But, then again I can just watch him on that awesome show, NUMB3RS! I think we will see a lot of this actor in the near future in movies and of course, on television! Overall, he is a very handsome and talented actor with lots of potential!
  • Ooo...this is the most hilarious people you can ever see.

    "Ooo...this is the most hilarious people you can ever see." Like I say, I find this guy very unlucky or should I say as everyone said, CURSED. personally I am from Malaysia and we were much more luckier than others. We get to see the whole season of Lyon's Den. This is really a big bash to us as it has the best actor I once liked, that guy who also stars in The West Wing before as Sam Seaborn(acutally I have already forgot he's real name since I like his character in The West Wing that much. When I started to watch Numb3rs, I only started to recognize that the little smart brother looks very familiar until I'm told that he is the one who also stars in Lyon's Den as an attorney if I am not mistaken. Give an applause to this young man as he already overcome his cursed, I hope.
  • Great actor. I am glad to be able to see him on a regular basis.

    David Krumholtz is an awesome actor. His character, Bernard the elf, in The Santa Clause and the Santa Clause 2 was my favorite. I am very upset that he will not be in The Santa Clause 3. But it is just very wonderful to be able to watch him on a regular basis on Numb3rs. Since I found the website imdb.com, I have been looking for and watching more movies that he was in. He did a great job in 10 Things I Hate About You and Streets of New York. David and Rob Morrow show a brotherly bond that does not look fake, and that just show good chemistry between them. I can't wait to see more of David Krumholtz in the future.
  • Hilariously funny!

    David has had some memorable roles prior to gaining fame on "Numb3rs." I really enjoyed him in "Undeclared" and in "10 Things I Hate About You." I'm really glad he's finally getting some attention, because he really deserves it! I hope to see him in some more movies soon... maybe a romantic comedy.
  • He is just a totally goegeous actor...not to mention talented!!

    David is an extremely talented young actor. He has starred in many of the films and television shows whcich i absolutely love! He has a certain look and aurora to him that just makes me want to keep watching him. He has performed on broadway and although i wouldnt watch him on broadway i still say good for him!

    He is very passionate about his work and is always wondering if people are buying and believing him as an actor and as his characters that he is playing.

    Congratulations to David for all his work and i hope he keeps it up in the future, because if he doesnt he will lose one of his most dedicated fans!
  • Gorgeous! I love his smile and his beautiful, intense eyes - I just wish he'd shave!

    I don't care if he is young enough to be my son, he's still hot! He is definitely cuter than the one who plays his brother, Don. I enjoy watching him playing this intense character because you can see the intensity in his eyes.
    The only other thing I saw him in was “10 Things I Hate About You”, but he seemed so immature in that. Wow, did he grow up!
    The only thing that I don’t like about him is a personal pet peeve of mine, and it’s something a lot of men do nowadays. Razor stubble! I hate it. It makes otherwise attractive men look like bums. I’d really like to get a hold of the person who decided that this was fashionable and sexy on men and slap them senseless! David, please either shave or grow a beard, one or the other.