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    • David: (on how he hated math in high school) I scored straight zeros, if there were such a thing!

    • Gary Lorden (about David): He cares tremendously what the students and faculty [at Caltech] think. He's always asking me, 'Do the students buy it? Does this seem real to them? Do I look like I'm really doing what a mathematician would do?' And the answer is basically, Yes. I think he does a really nice job of both conveying that focus, sometimes myopic, single-minded, passionate devotion to solving a problem…

    • David: The role of Charlie Eppes has changed me. I never imagined I would play a role like this. I lost some weight, grew my hair and now every woman in America over 40 wants to date me. It's their daughters I want to convince. The truth is all this talk makes me blush. Me, I look in the mirror and all I see is this Jewish kid from Queens.

    • David (On Charlie, his character on "Numb3rs"): Charlie's not your conventional mathematician... we sexed him up a little bit."

    • David: My parents went crazy when they found out that I had gotten the part in Conversations With My Father! I'd never given acting a thought. They were proud of me and very encouraging.

    • David: (Speaking of having to scribble all the math equations on the set of "Numb3rs".) There is only so much I can understand and not screw up.

    • David: Rob [Morrow] likes to push me around like an older brother would. And I like to make fun of his clothes. It's perfect.

    • David: Instead of being scoffed at, we've been praised and we've been welcomed into their good graces. Institutions like Cal Tech and MIT have come out and shown their support for the show. Texas Instruments has this whole nationwide course going on, where teachers can order Numb3rs DVDs and play scenes from the show in their classrooms, and then the students have worksheets to work off of, using the math that was used in the scene. That's reaching, we're told right now, if you can believe it, it's reaching 2 million kids. So, it's really had a far reaching effect. It's really awesome.

    • David: So many shows out there dumb-down the country. It's so admirable to be part of a show that wants people to think.

    • David: It's really cool to know that you've put something together that isn't for a particular audience. It's so often that a TV show can really only speak to one sect of the population, and this really is something that appeals to a worldwide fan base. People who are into the pursuit of knowledge. Their reaction has meant the world to us.

    • David: What's great is that because math is such a universal language, really, our fans come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and genders and races and backgrounds and cultures.

    • Television critic Matt Roush (on David's work on 'Numb3rs'): [It is] probably his best TV work to date.

    • David: Shooting this show is pretty intense. You lose your life. But I have no life, so it's perfect!