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  • Trivia

    • David was one of two Laverne and Shirley actors who played bit roles in Penny Marshall's A League of Their Own. David L. Lander, a.k.a. Squiggy, has an uncredited role as the Radio sportscaster, and Eddie Mekka, who played Carmine "The Big Ragu" Ragusa in the TV series, is Madonna's dance partner in the jitterbug scene.

    • In Scary Movie Principal Squiggman is played by David Lander, who played Squiggy on Laverne & Shirley, a spin-off of "Happy Days". To add to the fun, there's a bottle of Schotz beer in his office. The principal in Scream, was played by Henry Winkler, who played Fonzie on Happy Days

    • In 2000, David was named the Ambassador of the Year by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He is spokesperson for the same organization.

    • David and Michael McKean released an album recorded live at Los Angeles' Roxy in 1979 as Lenny and the Squigtones on the Casablanca label. Christopher guest played the guitar on the album credited as Nigel, five years before he and Michael McKean would create Spinal Tap.

    • David wrote an autobiographical memoir called Fall Down Laughing: How Squiggy Caught Multiple Sclerosis and Didn't Tell Nobody in 2000.

    • David is huge baseball fan. David holds the position of Associate Scout for the Seattle Mariners. David has in the past scouted for the Anaheim Angels. In the 1980s, David was a part-owner of the minor league club the Portland Beavers.

  • Quotes

    • David: Yes, we are very good friends. We were best friends before we did Laverne & Shirley. We were best friends on Laverne & Shirley, and we stayed best friends after we did Laverne & Shirley.

    • David: I have been keeping multiple sclerosis a secret for fifteen years!

    • David: Squiggy Caught Multiple Sclerosis and Didn't Tell Nobody!